Amentum’s Warfighter Training and Readiness Solutions (WTRS)

Premier Provider of Warfighter Training and Readiness Solutions

Amentum is a leader in engineering, science, and technology, with a long history of delivering Warfighter Training and Readiness Solutions (W-TRS) to the U.S. Army, including vital operations management, equipment maintenance, logistics, and range support.

Discover how Amentum’s Warfighter Training and Readiness Solutions (WTRS) can benefit you and your team.

Amentum Highlights

·       Second largest pure-play Federal services provider by revenue

·       Largest provider of technical, test, and research support across DoD

·       U.S. Army partner for equipment O&M, logistics, training, range operations, and engineering

·       $1.4B in annual revenue from U.S. Army contracts (16% of total revenue)

·       89% of employees working on site at customer facilities


·       Presence in 85 countries across all seven continents

Amentum’s capabilities, experience, and offerings in worldwide operations, maintenance, logistics, and IT align directly to the needs of the W-TRS mission. Our global buying power and supply chain systems minimize cost while maximizing responsiveness to evolving requirements.

Strong Operations, Maintenance & Logistics

Amentum offers strong operations, maintenance, and logistics, providing a broad range of support services for U.S. and allied forces during combat, peacekeeping, humanitarian, and training operations. Currently, Amentum supports the logistics civil augmentation program (LOGCAP IV).

Our services include:

  • Supply operations, such as the delivery of food, water, fuel, and spare parts.
  • Field operations include facilities, housing, sanitation, waste management, postal services, morale, welfare, and recreation activities.
  • Additional operations, including engineering and construction, support to communication networks, transportation and cargo services, vehicle maintenance, and facilities maintenance and repair.

Additionally, Amentum supports the readiness of our forces by maintaining and storing their equipment in forwarding locations, ready to go as required, and ensuring troops receive the necessary equipment to accomplish the mission. Amentum supports two U.S. Army prepositioned stock locations –Europe (Germany and Poland) and the Middle East (Kuwait and Qatar). 

Our services include:

  • Management of transportation, warehousing, inventory control, field-level maintenance, and equipment obsolescence.
  • Before deployment – either in training or combat operations – we provide kitting, testing, and repair/replacement services.

Range Support Dominance

Amentum offers the most extensive range support services in the world, which includes some of the largest and most comprehensive contracts for the US Navy and the US Air Force.

From engineering and technical services to research, development, testing, and evaluation support, Amentum provides critical operational mission support and target maintenance for testing, tactics development, and advanced training.

  • We operate the Combined Tactical Training Ranges (CTTR) contract and provide technical Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, and Program Management service for 11 US Navy/Marine Corps training ranges. CTTR supports air, land, and sea training exercises for small- to large-unit events. Operations include Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) capabilities.
  • We provide engineering and technical services to support research, development, test and evaluation, training missions, and related support activities for the 412th Test Wing Edwards, Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), Utah Test and Training Range, and China Lake Ranges.
  • We provide expert technical knowledge of flight and ground test and training systems, equipment, and facilities to support pre-mission, mission, and post-mission requirements in areas including:
      • Telemetry Systems
      • Telecommunication Systems
      • Signal Collect/Monitoring Analysis
      • Threat Systems, Computer Systems
      • Instrumentation Systems
      • Mission Control/Coordination
      • Data Analysis/Reports
      • Time-Space Position Information (TSPI)/Scoring Systems
      • Test/Training Management
      • Sustainment Engineering
  • We also deliver Range Support Services via RSS II to the NTTR, Leach Lake Tactical Range, and Creech Air Force Base. We provide critical operational mission support and target maintenance for testing, tactics development, advanced training, and remotely piloted aircraft combat operations.
  • Amentum supports the Eglin Operations and Maintenance Services contract providing advanced test support and data collection for open-air ranges over the Gulf of Mexico, several ground test facilities, and overland ranges.
  • Furthermore, Amentum supports the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex, which integrates all domains for advanced training opportunities.

Proven Training Expertise

Amentum’s Rotary Wing Flight Training organization provides education and training for initial-entry pilots from the Army, Air Force, and allied nations. This training supports those who are learning to fly rotary-wing aircraft, as well as for experienced military pilots earning their designation as instrument flight examiners.

With more than 2.7 million flight hours collectively and an unmatched safety record, Amentum’s experienced staff remains intimately involved in the continual evolution of the flight training program in support of Fort Rucker where they are integral to developing future generations of military aviators. Several of our instructors have been recognized by the FAA for 50 years of accident-free flying.

Amentum’s training support and programs:

  • Flight training during the day, at night, and in instrument and night-vision goggles conditions. Amentum’s flight instructors teach all aspects of airmanship, from introductory flight handling skills to advanced navigation and tactical skills.
  • Amentum’s NAVSEA warfighter training support program improves coordination of existing training capabilities and accelerates the ranges ability to keep pace with ever-evolving training required. This program integrates tactical training range facilities and functions dispersed across the US to obtain economies of scale.
  • In 2022, we successfully supported over 19,000 training events last year while passing a cybersecurity site inspection; successfully executed Target Maintenance and Operational Range Clearance program; closed 5,862 maintenance work orders; and completed 81 assigned engineering project tasks on schedule.
  • We support our warfighters in the Navy at 13 locations: NAS Fallon, NV; NAS Lemoore, CA; NAS Key West, FL; NAS Oceana and Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility Virginia Capes, Range, VA; NAS Whidbey Island, WA; Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA; Navy Dare Range, NC; MCAS Yuma Range Training Complex, AZ; MCAS Miramar, CA; MCAS Beaufort, SC; MCAS Cherry Point, NC; and Pinecastle Range.

Global Supply Chain

Amentum’s mature, established processes include in-depth pre-qualification, followed by three quotes in buy methodology coupled with engagement of diverse suppliers and a five-step tracking of execution, ensuring that our global buying power minimizes cost while maximizing responsiveness.  

What sets Amentum apart:

  • We have managed $82B in procurements over the last 24 years (1.6M line items) using approximately 10,000 approved suppliers, with 3,800 being diverse, 87% of POs acknowledged by suppliers through our supplier management system portal seamlessly integrating with Maximo and other critical CMMS toolsets.
  • We use Master Service Agreements and other proprietary methods to ensure that procurements are analyzed/aggregated across multiple clients, material categories, and suppliers to maximize purchasing power and mitigate risk (price, performance, shortages), providing a typical savings of 5-12%.
  • We have established warehouse facilities totaling 2.54 million square feet in 13 states in the U.S. as well as 21K square ft internationally and interface with US Military (DoD), US Embassy (DoS), and foreign government representatives to facilitate the customs clearance process, obtain tax-exempt status, and expedite cargo movement.

Take Advantage of Amentum’s Warfighter Training and Readiness Solutions (WTRS)

Amentum’s fierce commitment to operational excellence and successful execution makes us the leader in global engineering, project management, and solutions integration, which is why Amentum is trusted to modernize the most critical missions anywhere in the world.

Discover how Amentum’s Warfighter Training and Readiness Solutions (WTRS) and its most extensive support services can benefit you and your team.

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