Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Giving Back

Amentum CSR Icon with TextExperience, Passion, and Purpose are the pillars Amentum employees bring to the workplace and to the communities where we live and work. Giving back is woven into the fiber of Amentum.

Amentum gives back through philanthropic donations and volunteerism. We strive to be leaders through service and stewardship. As a company, we are dedicated to coming together to engage with our communities around the world.

Amentum is committed to giving back via efforts and organizations that support:

  • Our nation’s military members and their families: Amentum is honored to partner with organizations that provide critical support to those who are serving or have served our country.
  • Community outreach and engagement: Being connected to the communities where we work is a priority. Employees across Amentum are passionate about engaging with their communities and helping improve the quality of life where we live and work.
  • Education / STEM / Arts: We are dedicated to supporting mentoring programs and other activities to help create the next generation of leaders in these critical fields.
  • Greater Success for Under-represented Groups: Our goal is to help propel youth to successful futures and doing what we can to support career success.
  • Disaster Relief: Working with our communities to aid in recovery from disasters.

Key Partnerships

Potential New Partners

Looking to potentially work with Amentum? Our charitable partners are required to:

  • Be registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
  • Provide an audited annual report, including financial documents
  • Have a positive rating with GuideStar, Charity Navigator, or the equivalent

Amentum does not currently have a grant program.

To express your interest in working with us, please use our Contact Form to send us a message!

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