Ethics & Compliance

Amentum’s Ethical Compliance – Built with Integrity

Every day at Amentum, we are changing the world for the better, solving our customers’ complex challenges by leveraging our experience with impactful thinking and innovative solutions while staying true to our culture & values. We have decades of history in building an ethical culture, greatly contributing to our unparalleled reputation in the industry, and allowing us to say that we are “Built with Integrity.”

Code of Conduct & Employee Training

Our Code of Conduct reinforces our pledge to always do the right thing. We expect every employee to read and understand the Code of Conduct and we encourage employees to speak up if there is a concern and to seek guidance at any time about the right thing to do. All employees are required to go through annual training to ensure compliance with the principles outlined in the Code.

Promoting Anti-Corruption / FCPA

Amentum complies with all United States (U.S.) domestic anti-corruption laws that prohibit bribery in the U.S., with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which prohibits illegal payments outside of the U.S., and with all other applicable laws in every country in which we do business. Any attempts to gain a business advantage through prohibited activities (such as illegal payments, bribes, kickbacks, gifts, or other inducements) are not tolerated.

Combating Human Trafficking

Amentum is committed to combatting human trafficking and child labor wherever we operate. Respect for the human rights of the people we employ and the people employed by our suppliers is paramount at Amentum. ln compliance with U.S. and international law and regulations, we perform due diligence through third-party screenings to confirm that entities we partner with, source labor from, or otherwise do business with are legitimate and trustworthy enterprises that respect human rights and do not violate human trafficking or child labor laws. Our program managers are empowered to and charged with ensuring that all workers receive adequate housing and medical care, that employees have custody of their passports, and that employees receive copies of their employment records in their own language.

Compliance with International Trade Rules & Regulations

International Trade Compliance laws and regulations are essential to protect the national security of the U.S. and our foreign partner nations. Working for a U.S. foreign partner or in a foreign location subjects us to the controls set up by those governments as well as any applicable international agreements. Amentum’s work is subject to multiple laws and regulations related to export controls, economic sanctions, trade embargoes, boycotts, and the importing of goods in the U.S. and abroad. Strict compliance with all applicable international trade controls is a company requirement.

Including Business Partners in Ethics & Compliance Program

Our Business Partners are required to be in alignment with all the items listed here, and to maintain high standards of business conduct. We also require that our partners comply with the laws and regulations that govern their business and the business they do on behalf of Amentum.

Dedication to Continual Improvement

While the above outlines the core parts of our commitment to being an ethical and compliant company, it by no means represents the entirety of the efforts we undertake daily. We are continually monitoring and improving our performance, and working with employees, leadership, our clients, regulatory bodies, legal professionals, and others to make adjustments.

Success Starts with Safety

Amentum envisions a safer, smarter, cleaner world. That vision underpins our fierce commitment to environmental, health, and safety (EHS) excellence. Protecting our people, clients, and communities we serve and driving sustainable business practices is not just the right thing to do, it is essential to our success.


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