Commercial Operations & Maintenance Services

Amentum Commercial Operations and Maintenance

A multifaceted supplier in the market. We specialize in providing and managing technical support services for commercial and industrial critical facilities.

Are you looking to streamline operations and decision-making, while increasing the efficiency of your facility? This is what we do best. Thanks to our Integrated Facility Management (IFM), Reliability Centered Programs, and Production Operating and Maintenance solutions, we can ensure that all of your business’s facility services and functions are consolidated under a single, unified team. We are constantly focused on helping our clients achieve their mission, while obtaining the best possible value from their core business of operations.

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Facility Types

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Industrial complexes
  • Data centers
  • Research and development
  • Pharma
  • Headquarters campuses
  • Distribution centers
  • Supply depots
  • Training facilities
  • Commercial & corporate office space
  • Energy sites / Utilities
  • Military Installations & facilities
  • Aerospace
  • Wastewater treatment

Commercial O&M Results

  • Operating and maintaining over 200M ft2 of critical space
  • Achieving 99% of critical asset uptime
  • Successful maintenance of more than 65,000 pieces of equipment, including over 4,800+ critical assets globally
  • Successful implementation of a predictive maintenance program, saving our client $848,000 over a three year period
  • Validating cost savings of more than $100 million for our clients by maximizing self-performance, asset performance, streamlining work processes and improved technical efficiencies as well as predictive technology deployment and supply chain management

Amentum Commercial O&M Clients

Our program-based partnership approach allows us to lead customers towards operational performance. Our integrated services follow a reliable framework designed to identify challenges and define an automation strategy to correct them. This methodology has proven to successfully ensure operational certainty for critical industrial and manufacturing facilities from various industries and facilities, such as pharmaceutical, life sciences, heavy industrial manufacturing, chemical refinement, aviation, automotive production, data centers, consumer production, industrial production, and more.


Heavy Industrial & Manufacturing

Caterpillar Inc.

John Deere

GE Renewable Energy

Aerospace & Aircraft Maintenance

GE Aviation

Raytheon Technologies (Pratt Whitney)

Automotive Production Maintenance

Toyota Motors

Mercedes Benz

Data Center Maintenance

Caterpillar Global Data Management

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, & Life Science Lab Maintenance

Pfizer Inc.

Rite Aid



Industrial & Manufacturing Production

Schoeneck Containers

Sloan Valve

Eaton Corporation

Consumer Industrial Maintenance


Our Services

Achieve lower operational costs and implement precise asset management through improved facility maintenance management services.

Building Automation & Control Systems

  • HVAC System Improvements
  • ESoftware, programming, and control systems
  • Security & monitoring alarms
  • Automated maintenance dispatch
  • Light control and automaton
  • Increased efficiency air handling units, chillers, cooling towers, & pumps
  • Boiler & hot water heater efficiency
  • VAV, re-heat, and humitity controls

Condition-Based & Predictive Maintenance

  • Performing risk-based asset management and root cause analysis (RCA) fuctions
  • Creating process improvements that improve asset reliability
  • Designing, maintaining, and auditing safety, standardized work instructions
  • Best-in-class predictive maintenance activities
  • Condition based maintenance monitored with several automated AI systems with real time analytics

Facility Maintenance Services

We provide complete facility support to ensure sustained operations, asset preservation, and customer satisfaction.

Hard Services

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • High Voltage
  • Engineering

Soft Services

  • Janitorial
  • Pest control
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Workplace solutions
  • Energy management
  • Field support

Integrated Facility Management (IFM)

Amentum uses continuous process improvement to drive efficiencies in service delivery. A laser-focus on uptime allows us to increase operational output, as well as quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Cost-Reduction & Process Improvement Plan

  • Leading and providing technical expertise for planning, managing, and implementing continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Assessing all components that contribute to the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Using end-to-end mapping and analysis to identify opportunities for improvement that positively impact up-stream and down-stream business partners.
  • Proactive avoidance of maintenance downtime
  • Enhancing teams, functions, and departments related to performance improvement initiatives.

Project Commissioning

  • Developing, conducting, and documenting commissioning tests.
  • Reviewing engineering documents for consistency with testing requirements.
  • Initiating, evaluating, and resolving condition reports.
  • Developing procedures to implement conduct of testing and programmatic.
  • Reviewing designs for testability and develop inspection processes.
  • Collecting, evaluating, and applying lessons learned

Process Improvement & Engineering Services

Optimize Your Supply Chain Management to Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiencies, Increase performance and Customer Satisfaction.

MRO Logistics Management

  • Material management
  • MRO purchasing & procurement
  • Asset visibility and equipment redistribution
  • Inventories and data cleanup
  • Redistribution of excess inventory
  • Preparation for deployment, change of command inventories, and special inventories

Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Identifying supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Implementing scalable supply chain process improvements.
  • Providing on-site client support
  • Identify and eliminate indirect supply chain inefficiencies
  • Qualify and consolidate supply chain vendors

MRO Supply Chain & Vendor Management

From the most complex nuclear remediation projects to industrial facility janitorial services, Amentum is a strategic partner to keep your facility clean and safe, throughout construction, demolition, and operation.

Industrial Waste Management

  • Hazardous waste management
  • Recycling
  • Post-construction waste disposal
  • Factory machine cleaning including deep cleaning, re-labeling, and painting
  • TPM event cleaning and asset upkeep projects
  • Biological waste management
  • Lab waste management
  • Chemical waste management
  • Nuclear waste management
  • Demolition support

Facility Janitorial Services

  • Commercial facility cleaning
  • Strong experience in R&D industrial, distribution center, and regulated spaces
  • Emergency Cleaning, Critical Disinfecting Response
  • Covid-19 and emergency cleaning and remediation response programs
  • Tank and machinery cleaning
  • Floor cleaning, specialty floors, waxing, and polishing equipment
  • Lab and R&D cleaning support
  • Experience in reclamation center management
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Fleet management

Construction Support & Waste Management

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