Culture & Values

What Our Name Means

The word Amentum is derived from a Greek word used to describe the leather device that was attached to a javelin to increase its range and the stability in flight. The device allowed the javelin to land on target with precision. As we move forward as an independent company, we communicate confidence and stability to our customers through a strong commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Moreover, the name also sounds like momentum, which connotes our forward-leaning approach and innovation-driven future in support of our customers’ missions. The new name Amentum serves as a beacon for sharing our continued story of success, experience, and our people’s resilience and dedication to the mission.

Our Culture

We believe in fostering a sense of belonging, welcoming diversity, including all perspectives and contributions, and providing equal access to opportunities and resources for everyone.

Our Core Values

Live Safe
We empower our people to always embrace safety first in order to be well, excel at our mission, and achieve business success. We relentlessly pursue safety excellence to identify best practices, continually improve outcomes, and optimize our operational performance. Click here to read our policy statement.

Act with Integrity
We build trust by delivering on our promises and honoring our commitments. We conduct business with honesty and respect towards co-workers, customers, suppliers, and our communities. We take accountability for our actions.

Value Our People
We take care of our employees who in turn take care of our customers, driving the success of our business. We promote the growth and development of our people to reach their full potential and achieve personal and professional excellence. To strengthen our teams, we encourage diversity in thoughts and ideas and respect in our daily interactions.

Drive Innovation
We believe curiosity is the spark for innovation. We challenge the status quo, promote an environment where topics are open for debate, embrace change, and solve problems through collaboration, agility, and new thinking. We explore novel solutions and seek continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers.

Deliver Success
We believe in our customers’ critical missions, and every day we deliver the best performance in the industry. This provides positive momentum to continually advance and enhance our value. Through collaboration we achieve success for all stakeholders.

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