Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Diversity NEWDiversitySharing unique representation, experiences, and ideas
Equity NEWEquityBeing encouraged to speak
Inclusion NEWInclusionBeing invited to sit at the table
Belonging NEWBelongingFeeling valued as your authentic self

Amentum's Commitment to a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Community

At Amentum, we are committed to expanding our foundation on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. We embrace inclusion and collaboration as a core value and believe that this culture of belonging unleashes the highest potential as the key enabler of business performance. It is our responsibility as a company to build, maintain, and nurture a workplace environment and culture that respects the diversity of our people.

Creating and Sustaining a Welcoming Environment

Amentum prioritizes creating and sustaining a culture that fosters inclusion, equality, belonging, and a best-in-class employee experience. Our DEI&B leadership team is dedicated to listening to employee voices as we invest in and retain our talent.

Tools we have employed include:

  • Supervisory training for first-time managers
  • Measuring our progress through pulse surveys, stay and exit interviews, data analytics and employee roundtables
  • Open dialogues between leaders and their teams focused on psychological safety and effective communications in a changing and diverse workforce
  • Employee resource networks designed to foster community, communication, and collaboration
  • Introducing a flexible holiday policy for employees to recognize cultural and federal observances of their choosing
  • Offering health and welfare benefits including a focus on wellness, mental health, and parental leave
  • Keeping the employee focus central to increase the diversity of both Amentum and our Clients
  • Spotlighting our unmatched talent to hear unique voices throughout Amentum

Diversity & Inclusion Resources

DEIB Resources image

Employee Resource Networks

Amentum’s employee resource networks are opportunities for our employees to form a sense of community. Connecting with team members opens the door to communication, collaboration, and inclusion influencing a sense of belonging throughout the organization.
The Veteran ERN is a group of patriotic employees supporting our past and present military communities. The Veteran ERN aids in the transition, development, and growth of our employees, by building on the skills, values and unique background of current and former military service members. Expanding on the vital contributions of our Veteran’s supports the success of Amentum’s mission. We aim to foster an environment of camaraderie, collaboration, and retention by embracing our veteran’s shared experiences, identifying career and professional development opportunities, mentoring, and assisting with veteran recruiting.
Amentum WISE (Women in Search of Excellence) is an ERN designed to encourage, support, and uplift the women of Amentum to enable their success both inside and outside of our company. In our continued drive towards excellence, our WISE women and allies strive to foster a community where communication, collaboration, and personal/professional growth are pillars within our network. WISE strives to boost Amentum’s objective of recruiting and growing our women leaders by providing targeted mentorship, leadership, and networking opportunities through a variety of events, meetings, and professional development resources.

The NextGen ERN is a group where young professionals, and those young at heart, can come together to deepen Amentum’s culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. Developing a sense of community, cultivating professional and personal growth opportunities, and fostering an environment of generational knowledge sharing are just a few of the focused objectives for the NextGen ERN. Growing our young professional community is a strategic initiative to support the future growth of Amentum. The NextGen ERN will play a vital role in supporting this growth through recruiting efforts and community partnerships.

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