Amentum’s experience supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) is both extensive and multifaceted, reflecting decades of dedicated service across a broad spectrum of critical missions. Our expertise spans engineering, program management, logistics, intelligence, cybersecurity, and mission support, providing the DoD with resilient and innovative solutions that enhance national security. Our role in supporting the DoD encompasses managing complex military installations, developing and integrating advanced technologies, and ensuring readiness through comprehensive training and simulation programs. Our commitment to excellence and understanding of the unique challenges faced by the military has established Amentum as a key partner in advancing the DoD’s strategic objectives, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to supporting America’s defense posture with cutting-edge solutions and expert personnel.

Explore just some of the departments we support:

Learn more about our Army solutions.

Learn more about our Air Force solutions.

Learn more about our Navy and Marine Corps solutions.

Learn more about our Special Operations solutions.

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