Ensuring DOE projects are successfully completed in a safe, effective, innovative, and efficient manner.

For over 100 years Amentum and our heritage companies have been providing innovative solutions to our energy clients. 

We are recognized for safe and innovative management of high-risk, technically complex projects and programs for the U.S. Department of Energy. Amentum makes the world safer and more secure by eliminating nuclear hazards and strengthening national security. We are a preferred partner that provides unique expertise, resilience and commitment to excellence in delivering challenging projects that make a difference.

From engineering and design, through construction, start-up and operations, we provide the expertise to safely deliver your mission.


  • All Amentum led DOE Projects are Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) STAR Sites
  • Remediated 558 waste sites 323 facilities at the Hanford Site
  • Poured more than 4200 High Level Waste canisters and grouted more than 31 million gallons of radioactive waste at the Savannah River Site
  • Delivered the Tank-Side Cesium Removal system, a critical component of the direct-feed low-activity at Hanford
  • Completed the complex and formidable task of the first-ever decommissioning, deactivation, demolition and remediation of the world’s first uranium gaseous diffusion plant at the Oak Ridge Site
  • Disposing of the nation’s legacy transuranic waste by cleaning up 22 DOE generator sites nationwide at WIPP

Making the World Cleaner, Safer, and More Secure


  • High-level waste management & operations
  • Nuclear site remediation & closure
  • Laboratory facilities management & operations
  • Project management, cost control, & scheduling
  • Nuclear legacy decommissioning
  • Licensing and regulatory affairs
  • Life-cycle nuclear waste management services
  • Nuclear safety
  • Integrated safety management
  • Conduct of nuclear / high-hazard operations
  • Complex high-hazard operations and projects
  • Nuclear design, engineering, and consulting services
  • TRU waste management and disposition
  • Criticality and Radiological Engineering

Selected Client List

  • US Department of Energy (DOE)
  • DOE Office of Environmental Management (EM)
  • DOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
  • DOE Office of Fossil Energy
  • DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
  • DOE Office of Science
  • DOE Office of Legacy Management

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