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Navy – Marine Corps Spectrum Center (NMSC)

Amentum provides complex systems engineering and technical support services in support of Navy Marine Corps Spectrum Center (NMSC) HQ, Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) and the Naval Information Warfighting Development Center (NIWDC). Our staff provides Radio Frequency (RF) engineering, Spectrum Management (SM), and system coordination support to both the acquisition and operational community for Department of Navy (DON) spectrum certification, electromagnetic compatibility, frequency assignments, electromagnetic interference (EMI) resolution, risk identification, operational impact assessment and satellite coordination. Our team delivers expertise within regulatory bodies, spectrum forums, and DoD internal quorums both nationally and internationally, and has spectrum managers located globally who work with the actively deployed Navy and Marine Corps assets as well as coordinating with Host Nations, Combatant Commands, and other service elements.

Project Highlights:

  • Developed foundational electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO)-specific doctrine, training, and Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) for the Fleet
  • Strengthened collaboration between multiple Navy and Marine Corps communities, including Electronic Warfare (EW), Spectrum Management (SM), cryptologic warfare (CW), and meteorological / oceanographic (METOC) to enhance our forces’ ability to maneuver within an increasingly complex electromagnetic battlespace.
  • Provided critical subject matter expertise to guide the EW Integrated Improvement Program (EWIIP) and the resulting EW Integrated Prioritized Capability List (IPCL)
  • Developed and implemented a SharePoint-based process for: Spectrum Supportability Risk Assessments (SSRA), Link 16 frequency assignment submissions, business process manager for spectrum certification, and all administrative support
  • Provides the only team of subject matter engineers evaluating and certifying the Electromagnetic Compatibility Features of Link-16 equipment.
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