Research, Development, Test & Evaluation

Research, Development, Test & Evaluation

Amentum has a long and proven legacy of providing research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) capabilities to the DOD and civilian agencies. Amentum has been a leader of providing world-class multi-domain solutions to all major DOD customers for more than 65 years. Our RDT&E programs are long-term contracts that provide modernization solutions for RDT&E, live virtual and constructive (“LVC”) training missions, and related activities for 11 test ranges across 9 states for the U.S. Air Force, Space Force, Army, and Navy. Additionally, we provide best-in-class, comprehensive technology-based supply chain management and sustainment solutions for the DOD.

Warfighter Training and Readiness Solutions (WTRS)

Amentum is a leader in engineering, science, and technology, with a long history of delivering Warfighter Training and Readiness Solutions (W-TRS) to the U.S. Army, including vital operations management, equipment maintenance, logistics, and range support. Learn more about Amentum’s Warfighter Training and Readiness Solutions (WTRS).


Today, we provide RDT&E and infrastructure related solutions to help optimize the effectiveness of the DOD’s mission in the INDOPACOM AOR. As geopolitical threats continue to rise, Amentum is well positioned to partner with the U.S. government and allies on priorities including the growing Pacific Deterrence Initiative. Amentum also provides augmented reality solutions to the U.S. Army to ensure the readiness of complex ground platform systems from remote forward deployed locations. Amentum is applying leading-edge remote expert technology to save lives, reduce sustainment costs, and increase platform readiness. Our global positioning within all DOD geographical areas of responsibility (“AORs”) affords Amentum the unique ability to provide exceptional, rapid support to our U.S. government customers’ and allied partners’ urgent needs anywhere in the world.

Learn more about our People Training and  Advanced Test & Training solutions.

We are also trusted by our government and commercial customers to manage and operate their mission critical infrastructure. We provide turnkey, site-wide infrastructure solutions for various DOD, NASA, and Department of State customers. Commercially, we leverage these same world-class Amentum capabilities to manage critical infrastructure for Fortune 500 customers. Our leadership position is also well established within the aviation sector where we deliver full-spectrum services and solutions to include LVC pilot training, sustainment, field engineering, repair, and overhaul, and integrated flight operations for both manned and unmanned aircraft.

Learn more about our Critical Facilities Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

We developed a world class supply chain platform that employs AI to help drive accurate forecasting and procurement of critical commodities. Our system brings cutting-edge technology to mission critical situations that give our client’s transparency by predicting human behavior. Real-time information that enables resilient supply chain performance.

Amentum develops space range environments that assist our Space Warfighters in developing their capabilities and mission effectiveness in a safe training environment. Space capabilities are continuously evolving, requiring our team to seek improvements in our capabilities and procedures to ensure the U.S. remains relevant when preparing to fight in the space domain.

Learn more about our Space and Amentum Assured Ranges and Space Launch – Base Operations Support Services (BOSS).

Amentum leverages industry-leading expertise, processes, and technology to ensure the availability and reliability of our government and commercial clients’ vital equipment. Our innovative technology solutions, repeatable processes, and expertise ensure operational readiness and extend the life of equipment.

Learn more about our Smart Sustainment

Amentum has extensive experience on unmanned systems for over fifteen years. Unmanned systems include MQ-1, MQ-9, and RQ-4 aircraft and associated ground control stations and special support equipment for the United States Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. Since 2010, Amentum has been the prime enabler of global long-haul communications, network engineering support, command and control, and associated classified disciplines that permit remote split operations of remotely piloted aircraft supporting DOD and other national security customers. Today, Amentum is the largest non-OEM unmanned aircraft solutions provider to the U.S. government.

Learn more about our Aviation and Autonomous solutions.

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