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Amentum Asia-Pacific Presence and Performance


In closing out Asian-American and Pacific Islander heritage month, Amentum would like to recognize our important employees and projects in the Asia-Pacific region of the world.

Amentum is in 14 of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with 2200+ employees working diligently to advance our customers’ mission and help create a safer, smarter, cleaner world.

On the Hawaiian Islands, Amentum delivers advanced communications solutions to include sophisticated tactical and strategic antenna systems and satellite networks and terminals. We secure sustainment and modernization to critical aircraft hangars. We support system installation and modernization updates to multiple fleet training systems to include engineering support for simulations. Amentum provides information technology solutions across multiple mission areas in USINDOPACOM. We deliver continued solutions on the development of mobile at-sea sensor system platforms.

In Guam, Amentum delivers technical and program management solutions to government designated sites, as well as fleet technical assistance to antenna, radar, navigation, and networks to submarines. We provide spectrum management and electromagnetic warfare support. Amentum provides port operations, facility and vehicle maintenance, environmental services, and utilities operations. At the moment, we are also assisting the Navy and the island community of Guam in recovering from Typhoon Mawar.

In Japan, we provide hazardous waste management solutions for the Marine Corps and Navy, as well as base operations support solutions for multiple customers.

In the Philippines, Amentum develops and enhances peacekeeping capabilities through comprehensive training and mentoring instructional programs.

And in the Asia-Pacific region in general, Amentum delivers C5I system modernization, national threat reduction and capacity building solutions, environmental compliance solutions, and humanitarian and disaster relief support solutions. For example, we support the Navy Seabees in various locations throughout the region to include Tinian, Palau, Timor-Leste, and Papua New Guinea, aiding local populations through various humanitarian projects such as schools and clinics in communities of need.

A big thank you to our hard-working employees in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world!

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