Corporate Lineage

Although Amentum is new, our heritage dates back to the early 20th Century, with roots in iconic American companies with long and storied histories of serving the needs of our clients.

On Feb. 1, 2020, Amentum was born out of the federal business of AECOM, as a culmination of over 100+ years of delivering results for our clients.

This part of our origin stem from four primary lineages – EG&G, Westinghouse Government Services, Washington Group International, Lear Siegler Services, and Apptis. Together, these companies provide nuclear energy solutions, infrastructure, national security, as well as operations and maintenance. This group was brought together by engineering and infrastructure giant URS Corporation which was in turn purchased by AECOM in 2014. AECOM had previously acquired several players in the federal space including SSI (international development) and McNeil Technologies (infrastructure / intel community)

Our energy lineage, acquired via Washington Group International, includes companies such as Morrison Knudsen that began providing infrastructure work at the turn of the 20th century. Westinghouse Government Services and EG&G trace their lineage back to the Manhattan Project. Lear Siegler helped maintain the fighting force during the Cold War.

In November 2020, Amentum acquired DynCorp International, a provider of sophisticated aviation, logistics, training, intelligence, and operational solutions. By joining forces, we deliver enhanced capabilities including a full suite of logistics/aviation services and solutions to support critical needs anywhere, anytime. DynCorp began with the establishment of Land-Air, Inc., that was later acquired by California Eastern Aviation, Inc. After the acquisition of DynCorp by Computer Sciences Corporation, DynCorp and CSC entered into an agreement to sell DynCorp International to DI Acquisition Corp. DynCorp International

In February 2022, Amentum acquired Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE), PAE has addressed the world’s toughest challenges to deliver agile and steadfast solutions to the U.S. government and host government partners. PAE acquired CENTRA, Delta Bridge, METIS, TATE, Macfadden & Associates, FCi Federal, A-T Solutions, USIS’s Global Security & Solutions business unit, Computer Sciences Corporation’s Applied Technology Division and Lockheed Martin/Day & Zimmerman’s JV Defense Support Services to further enhance its capabilities across cybersecurity, technology, and mission services. PAE began in 1955 as the establishment of an architectural and engineering firm assisting the U.S. government effort to rebuild Asia in the wake of World War II.


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