MRO Supply Chain Management Services

MRO Procurement, Supply Chain, and Vendor Management

Production facilities in sensitive environments require a reliable partner that can deliver top technical services at a superior safety and quality standard.

Amentum Commercial Operations and Maintenance is a premier supplier in the market. We specialize in providing and managing technical support services for commercial and industrial critical facilities.

Warehouse Logistics & Supply Chain Management

MRO Supply Chain Management

Optimize Your Supply Chain Management to Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiencies, Increase performance and Customer Satisfaction.

Procurement & Logistics Management

We assist clients in logistics management program activities to ensure continuous accountability of company property policies in accordance with regulations and corporate policy. Key services include:

  • Material management
  • MRO purchasing & procurement
  • Asset visibility and equipment redistribution
  • Inventories and data cleanup
  • Redistribution of excess inventory
  • Preparation for deployment, change of command inventories, and special inventories

Supply Chain Risk Management

We take programmatic initiatives to identify, assess and mitigate the risk in your end-to-end supply chain. Our supply chain risk management team of researchers, analysts, and engineers is highly-skilled at:

  • Identifying supply chain vulnerabilities through in-depth research
  • Implementing scalable supply chain research strategies and process improvements.
  • Providing on-site client support
  • Offering insightful, well-researched analysis of key analytic findings and guidance in regard to supply chain risk mitigation.
  • Identify and eliminate indirect supply chain inefficiencies
  • Qualify and consolidate supply chain vendors
Amentum Mechanical Engineer Jesse Performs Planned Maintenance on Hangar Fire Safety Pump

Vendor Management Software Integration

Our vendor management software has one purpose: make your business run smoother. Here’s how we help you ensure that you are getting the most value from your vendors through our centralized records center:

  • Compatibility and integration with your existing systems such as payroll
  • Automation of onboarding, compliance, and more
  • Vendor management performance review based on KPIs
  • Cost consolidation reports
  • Best practice templates and actionable advice

MRO Vendor Relationship Management

Amentum knows that your business’ success depends on the quality of your relationship with MRO vendors. Our team has helped hundreds of critical facilities to develop strong connections based on transparency and communication. We achieve that in a number of ways:

  • Controlling the entering and exiting of the MRO vendors
  • Ensuring safe practices are executed by our MRO vendors
  • Applying scope validation to the highest levels of quality
  • Employing invoice validation for accurate billing
  • Oversight on warranty work to avoid unnecessary billing
  • Capturing work order data for vendor activity
  • Offering the ability to self-perform current vendor activity
  • Consolidating invoices

Amentum MRO Management Results

  • Operating and maintaining over 50M ft2 of critical space
  • Achieving 99% of critical asset uptime by leveraging Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) principles
  • Validating cost savings of more than $100 million for our clients by maximizing self-performance activities, improving asset performance, streamlining work processes and improved technical efficiencies as well as predictive technology deployment and supply chain management
  • Successful maintenance of more than 65,000 pieces of equipment, including over 4,800+ critical assets globally
  • Successful implementation of a predictive maintenance program at one manufacturing client site. Over a three-year period, we completed the data collection and analysis for 77+ reports that contained over 805 actionable findings, creating a total of more than $848,000 in client cost savings
Amentum Technician Williams Performing Planned Maintenance on Generators

Supply Chain Software Integration

Amentum software engineers bring a comprehensive analytical and systematic approach to their role. Among other things, they are experts in:

Integrating electronic processes or methodologies to resolve total system or technology problems.

Developing and modifying complex software programs to enhance an operating system.

Modifying, testing, and debugging retail utilities, packages and engineering releases to integrate with the clients’ operating systems.

  • Designing, writing, testing, deploying and supporting software code
  • Power Bi analytics tools and reporting capabilities
  • Building Automation Systems expertise

Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems

We offer customers visibility into their business’ entire inventory and help them control cost and improve efficiency day to day buys, as well as to manage supply chain fulfillment operations from start to finish. Our warehouse managers are well-versed in implementing effective and efficient MRO procurement, purchasing, and logistics operations for the following requirements: Inventory Management, Warehouse and Transportation Management, Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO), Property Management, Loading Dock Operations, Inventory Control, Indirect Procurement Management and Moving Services. Our specialists focus on:

  • Lowering individual customer costs based on leveraging the larger overall spend volume of distributors.
  • Forecasting usage
  • Reducing lead times
  • Developing and upkeeping plans and policies for all aspects of the logistics operations.
  • Creating recommendations and corrective plans for improving processes.
  • Implementing Integrated Logistics projects using key performance metrics
  • Consolidated shipments
  • Reliable availability of inventory tracking the status of shipments
  • Ensuring the best pricing on shipping costs for the customers.
  • Performing internal and external audits to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures.
Waste Water Testing Lab Maintenance


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