Environmental Solutions

Solving the World’s Most Critical Environmental Challenges

Amentum is working to protect our environment through the cleanup of our land, water, and air. It is our legacy of achievements delivering sustainable, long-term solutions to the world’s most critical environmental challenges – and our success helping government and private sector clients eliminate risk – that positions Amentum as the preferred partner for safe cleanup and revitalization.

Key Technical Services

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Environmental Consulting

  • Emerging Contaminants

  • Site Characterization & Site Investigation

  • Groundwater

  • Environmental Risk Assessment; RCRA/CERCLA Regulatory Support

  • Decontamination & Demolition

  • Waste Management

  • Site Restoration

Key Projects


Fukushima 1

CPCCo Explores International Partnership With Japanese community

MarkWhitney BlogPreview 01

Clean Energy package – A unique opportunity for the U.S. to lead and accelerate clean energy technology

BlogPreviewImage AshleySaunders

Effective & Sustainable Environmental Remediation

BlogPreviewImage BillDuggan

Site Characterization and Investigation

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