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Groundwater Cleanup – Vital to Our Future

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Why Is It Important?

Management of groundwater is a major concern as our population continues to grow. Groundwater provides drinking water for as much as 50% of the global population and accounts for 43% of all of water used for irrigation. Globally, 2.5 billion people depend solely on groundwater to satisfy their basic daily water needs. Solving groundwater management problems are essential to ensure clean drinking water for the global population, including the people in the United States.

Additionally, groundwater supports rivers, lakes, and wetlands and the major threat to groundwater is pollution resulting from human activity that has created chemicals and wastes which leak into the subsurface. Pollution degrades the quality of groundwater and poses a threat to human and ecological health.

A major threat to groundwater is pollution resulting from chemicals and wastes that have leaked into the subsurface. Pollution reduces the quality of groundwater and poses a significant threat to human and ecological health. As the human population continues to grow, more demand will be placed on our groundwater resources. The need for understanding our groundwater systems and for managing them correctly, is greater than ever.

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Protecting Our Groundwater

Recently, a new set of emerging contaminants has been found to be widespread throughout the United States and in drinking water supplies. Our federal agencies are taking action to address this issue. The groundwater contamination challenge across the country exists in various geological formations, making a solution at one site, not effective for a solution at another.

The challenge is to find the correct set of remediation tools that will remove the groundwater contamination as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Some of the tools that can be implemented include pump and treat in situ remediation, and thermal remediation. These tools, when combined, can effectively shorten the remediation timeline, and make for a cost-effective solution.

Amentum’s Capabilities in Solving the Problem

Amentum’s experience with the Department of Energy and other federal and state agencies is enormous….we take on the most hazardous, the most complex chemicals in very challenging environmental locations. Our capabilities with environmental monitoring, predicting the outcomes through sophisticated groundwater modeling, developing, and deploying appropriate technology, operating it safely and compliantly and in open relationship with the client stakeholders and the public make us uniquely situated to help solve this emerging problem.

Amentum is committed to our role in addressing the groundwater crisis. With proven experience in high hazard environments and diverse capabilities that span the full life cycle of the environmental market, Amentum is uniquely positioned to address current needs and lead the way in discovering answers to groundwater challenges yet to be solved.

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