Intelligence & National Security

Enhancing Security, Reducing Threats, Instilling Confidence, & Increasing Stability

Amentum never forgets that the communities we work in are unique – with challenges that must have solutions tailored to fit the singular circumstances of our clients. We combine our countless years of experience with the latest technology to produce solutions that fit the time and place while being conscious of resource constraints.

Dunwoody Publishing & Press

Dunwoody Press and Publishing, Amentum’s in-house publishing company, promotes the study of less-commonly taught languages.  Its products include general language bilingual dictionaries, slang dictionaries, scientific and technical glossaries, readers and parallel texts, grammars and language handbooks, and textbooks and common expressions.  Learn more here.

Key Technical Services

  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Intelligence Operations
  • Language & Translation Services
  • Publicly Available Information (PAI) Analysis
  • Facility-Related Control Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Electronic Security Control Systems
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Airport / Border Protection
  • Physical Threat & Vulnerability Analysis
  • Counter-Threat Financial Analysis
  • Counterintelligence
  • Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures (TTP)
  • WMD Detection / Elimination
  • Digital Force Protection
  • Nonproliferation & Threat Reduction

Key Projects

The Forum


Amentum Team Provides Remote Support to Ukraine

RPA OM.jpg

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is Accelerating Transformation and Modernization Within the Department of Defense 

Amentum Army Data Analysis Solution

The Data Challenge

ISOA 2022 Award Cropped

Amentum Wins ISOA Vanguard Award for Critical Humanitarian and Stability Support

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