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Employee Spotlight: Sivon Williams


At Amentum, we celebrate our people, our cultures, and we recognize the value of diversity and inclusion. In March, we’ll focus on Women’s History Month while shining a light on one employee at a timeToday’s Q&A is with Sivon Williams, Director, Aviation Contracts, Critical Missions.


How did you come to join Amentum? 

I joined Amentum through one of our legacy companies, DynCorp International, in December 2018.

What is your professional and personal background? 

I’m a National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Certified Federal Contracts Manager with an M.A. in Legal Studies.  I have been working in Government Contracts over 25 years and served as a regulatory paralegal before that time.

Describe the work you do and how you think it makes a positive impact. 

My work reduces risks for the company, provides a resource for my internal customer in an area outside of their expertise and nurtures Amentum’s relationship with its external customers.

What are some of your accomplishments and/or what has been your proudest career moment? 

My proud career moments are plenty.  However, I feel most rewarded when I witness the growth of those whom I’ve worked with in a mentorship capacity.

What do you enjoy about working for Amentum? 

Since joining the company in 2018, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of dynamic people with diverse backgrounds. Particularly impressive are the leadership/core team I’ve worked with recently within Amentum’s Women in Search of Excellence (WISE) Employee Resource Network Group.

What are you passionate about? 

I’m passionate about people and am committed to helping and uplifting others – particularly the disenfranchised.

What’s your career advice? 

Know your worth; know your value and be proud of it. While it’s probably ill-advised to bore others with the constant proclamation of your greatness, there’s zero value in dimming your light to make others comfortable. Keep shining – brightly!

What does safety mean to you or do you have a favorite safety tip? 

Self-care is the best care. You can’t take care of business or people if you’re not at your best.

What’s the best invention in the world and why? 

The Internet — it makes the world a little smaller.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you? 

It’s an opportunity to show that history has been just that — HIS story. The many contributions of women to society has been undervalued and this month we focus on spotlighting those contributions.

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