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Solving What’s Next in the Intelligence Community


Intelligence is the business of gaining and holding the upper hand.  As former CIA Director Mike Pompeo liked to say, it’s about unfair advantage.  It is a balance between daring and discretion. Daring to be creative, a willingness to pursue unconventional means to gather privileged insight, and discretion to keep our competitors and adversaries from knowing just exactly what we’ve figured out and how we did it.

Today’s world is becoming more complex at an exponential rate.  The application of technologies to literally everything, the immediate availability of “information” on anything, and the interconnectedness of people and systems across the globe have vastly expanded the surface area of potentially contested national security space.  It seems like almost anything that makes life easier makes national security harder.  It’s no longer just nuclear secrets, military order of battle, and foreign policy which must be safeguarded — just as our adversaries’ versions of those same topics must be collected against.  Today, municipal water and electrical power systems, consumer supply chains, food security, infrastructure viability, intellectual property are also at risk in a high-stakes competition with no borders, boundaries, or front lines.  All of these and more are national security challenges which must be understood and addressed by the intelligence community.

As vast and powerful and well-resourced as the U.S. Government often appears, the intelligence and national security organizations are always overtasked.  Our government depends on the horsepower of America’s commercial sectors in all functions of intelligence, from generation of requirements to all methods of collection, from safeguarding and transporting data to processing and analysis.  The intelligence community needs innovative technologies, the expertise to apply them, and operational facilities from which to conduct national security activities.

At Amentum, we excel at solving complex problems and uncovering valuable insights to support every function in the intelligence life cycle.  Our expertise and powerful capabilities in data analysis, cyber security, strategic consulting, secure networking, security and infrastructure engineering, and risk analysis enable the intelligence community to stay on top.  We tackle these challenges with the same commitment, same clarity of purpose, and same integrity as anyone who has ever sworn allegiance to the Constitution.  We are stewards of the talent and capability that help run this enterprise, and we are proud to serve in this role.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of those dedicated, quiet professionals that represent our side of the intelligence community.  Our people help gain and hold the upper hand, and together with the U.S. government, the intelligence mission is ours.

David Marlowe

Vice President, Client Executive

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