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Amentum Partners with Cole Engineering Services, Inc. as Part of its Warfighter Global Solutions Team


Amentum announces its partnership with Cole Engineering Services, Inc. as part of the Warfighter Global Solutions Team to provide a premier partnership and drive focused delivery of Modeling and Simulation Training Solutions. The team consists of the leading providers in their respective skillsets, all delivering unsurpassed capabilities.


Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI), a By Light company, is recognized as a premier provider of training solutions to Government and Industry partners. As the architects, developers, and delivery providers for the U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE) and US Cyber Command’s Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE), CESI is delivering the next generation of effective, scalable training capabilities to Warfighters. With extensive successful experience providing systems of systems interoperability and modernization of legacy training systems, CESI delivers technology-enabled solutions that optimize customer’s past and future investments.  

The Warfighter Global Solutions Team is the best Warfighter TRS contractor option due to our knowledge of the community and our current support of a contract portfolio of WTRS systems, providing experience on sustaining legacy systems while excelling at evolving into the Synthetic Training Environment. We developed our services as a stand-alone core competency, with policy and practices focused on O&M management, with no allegiance to specific OEM products. Amentum is positioned to rapidly migrate Technical Data Packages (TDP) and Information System Tool Suite (ISTS) data and our ISTS solution is flexible and transparent, providing an open architecture facilitating on-the-fly ad-hoc data management and proactive operations.

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