Supporting Key Operations in Afghanistan


Supporting Key Operations in Afghanistan

Supporting Key Operations in Afghanistan

Amentum, as part of a long-standing partnership with the United States Army and Coalition forces, provides a full range of support services on the EAGLE Afghanistan Program (formerly the Maintenance and Operational Support Contract – Afghanistan (MOSC-A) program). The program team performs (and historically has performed) a wide range of activities in support of the 401st Army Field Sustainment Brigade and the Army Field Support Battalion (AFSBn-AFG), including:

  • Vehicle, Small Arms, and Communications and Electronics maintenance
  • Health, Safety & Environmental services
  • Add-on armor support
  • Allied trades support including fabrication, welding, plumbing and electrician services
  • Demilitarization of rolling stock/non-rolling stock
  • Transportation
  • Retrograde, supply and logistics services
  • Property Management and accountability
  • Information Technology
  • Access control, badging and security
  • Quality Management & Quality Control
  • Physical security
  • Facilities maintenance, laundry, mail services & billeting management
  • Grounds support and vector control
  • Training, fitness and recreational services
  • Operations and Planning
  • Fleet readiness reporting and management
  • Transportation Motor Pool Operations and fleet management

We’ve successfully managed support operations in Afghanistan since 2005. Over that time, our team has built a close relationship with our partners at DoD. We have provided key support services to 38,000 military personnel across 53 unique base locations throughout fluid mission and operational changes. We facilitate the Army’s troop buildups, theater redistributions and retrograde operations, maintaining a wide range of tactical vehicles, weapons platforms and communications systems.


  • Successfully, and ahead of schedule, completed DoD’s theater priority mission for the Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFAB) by providing rapid reconstitution maintenance support for 127 MaxxPros to be issued 10/20 to rotating SFAB units. Processed for movement 2785 pieces of equipment at a value of $171.5M, providing support to SOCOM, multiple PMs, TPE and all active units within the CJOA-A with a 100% acceptance rate by Joint Inspections, Customs inspections, ULN packet creation exceeding DOD Directive 4500.9, DOD 5030.49-R, and ARCENT Directive 30-3. Supported the rapid deployment and fielding of 128 M1151 HMMWVs through proactivity, analysis and pre-ordering of 253 lines of SSL, totaling 2,462 pieces. This saved countless man-hours waiting on parts being shipped to theater.
  • Managed and maintained nearly $3B in USG property overseeing the lateral transfer, turn in, and issuance of all theater property assets with 100% accountability.
  • Enabling real-time reports and status updates with the Amentum enterprise management system.


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