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Submarine A&AS: Delivering Comprehensive Support Services Below the Surface

Submarine A&AS: Delivering Comprehensive Support Services Below the Surface

Amentum brings a 43-year history of providing program management, acquisition, engineering, technical, financial, configuration management, logistics, strategic planning, and international program support to Program Executive Office (PEO) Submarines. We provide key support to the LOS ANGELES, SEAWOLF, OHIO, VIRGINIA, and COLUMBIA classes of submarines.

Today, we deliver key services to 15 Team Submarine Program Offices, including the VIRGINIA Class Submarine and COLUMBIA Class Submarine programs. We work with the Navy to develop, integrate, and deploy 20-30 new technologies across submarine platforms every three years.

We assist in all phases of platform and combat system production — from initial budgeting and testing to installation, to QA, training, and startup services. We install and upgrade Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence systems, and provide Acoustics Rapid COTS Insertion for Sonar, Towed Systems, and Combat Control electronic systems and equipment. 


  • Streamlined the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process to avoid programmatic costs and speed the delivery to the fleet new capabilities.
  • Developed a requirements and acquisition approach for the large vertical sonar array for the VIRGINIA Class and OHIO Class submarines. This accelerated the achievement of Milestone C by 2 years, saving the Government an estimated $3M.
  • Assisted PEO Submarines develop a fielding plan for the high-gain sonar arrays for VIRGINIA and OHIO class submarines, as part of the Acoustic Superiority Campaign Plan. This plan featured a very aggressive timeline that would not have been achievable using normal acquisition procedures.
  • Developed a workload management schedule for the effective planning of CDRL submittal reviewer resources.
  • Assembled senior subject matter experts focused on cost reduction to support the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition in supporting an Independent Assessment Team Review of the Ohio Replacement Program (ORP) (now COLUMBIA Class) by performing a financial/technical review of the ORP lifecycle.
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