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Shipboard Technical Support: Ensuring Platform Availability

Shipboard Technical Support: Ensuring Platform Availability

Amentum provides subject matter expertise to the Navy Regional Maintenance Centers worldwide. Our personnel delivers direct fleet support to every ship and submarine class in the U.S. Navy. Amentum engineers and technicians provide fleet technical assistance across a broad spectrum of the hull, mechanical, electrical combat, command, control, communication, computers, and intelligence systems around the clock, anytime, anywhere. We execute Total Ship Readiness Assessments (TSRAs) on surface ships and submarines, providing end-to-end groom, repair and calibration of shipboard systems, and maintain U.S. Navy combat and mission readiness.

Our presence in the various fleet concentration areas allows Amentum to serve as a force multiplier to the Regional Maintenance Centers by providing skilled expertise that can be leveraged anywhere in the world. Our engineers and technicians provide critical on-the-job training to ship and submarine crews in the maintenance and operation of their increasingly complex systems. Because of our deck plate engineering and technical experience, major stakeholders rely on our feedback and expertise to further improve and refine naval systems maintenance, design, and lifecycle management. This win-win combination continues to greatly enhance warfighter readiness.

Project Highlights:

  • Our personnel are engaged in over 30,000 requests for fleet technical assistance, 300 assessment events, 200 inspections, and surveys and 50 major industrial depot-level overhaul events worldwide, annually.
  • We provide technical and programmatic support for Navy maintenance availabilities. Alteration Coordination Engineers, Project Support Engineers (PSEs), and Integrated Test Engineers (ITEs) assist ships’ personnel with availability execution and system testing and certification.
  • We provide subject matter experts to troubleshoot, assess, and repair shipboard systems and equipment.
  • We conduct a variety of standard assessments of shipboard systems, notably the Total Ships Readiness Assessment (TSRA) and Material Condition Assessment (MCA) programs.
  • Our SMEs have deployed to Gdynia, Poland to provide maintenance support. We performed gas turbine alignments and internal borescope inspections on the Polish Navy Ship ORP GEN. T. KOSCIUSZKO F273; marine gas turbine support to ORP GEN. K. PULASKI F272; and a gas turbine module alignment and compressor blade change on ORP GEN. T. KOSCIUSZKO F273.
  • We conduct critical on the job training for ship and submarine crews.
  • We provide technical and assessment support to the Submarine Technical Support Center (STSC) for submarines homeported at the Groton Naval Submarine Base and other submarines in their areas of responsibility (AOR).
  • We support STSC Integrated Logistics Overhaul (ILO) efforts at Naval Submarine Base Groton and at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
  • We support the Naval Submarine Support Facility (NSSF) R-4 division with technical assessment expertise for submarines homeported at the Groton Naval Submarine Base, and other submarines in their AOR.



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