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Programme and Technical Requirements Framework, UK Radioactive Waste Management (RWM)

In August 2020, Nuclear Waste Services, formerly known as UK Radioactive Waste Management, awarded a 2+1+1 year contract valued at £4.8 million to Amentum to support the Technical Requirements Programme to develop the UK’s Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). This contract enables Amentum to support Nuclear Waste Services with the next level of planning, design, and development for this critical UK national asset for the disposal of higher activity waste and spent fuel. Amentum’s solution covers a range of programmatic capabilities; this is provided by Amentum leading a wider team of industry experts delivering services including programme and project management to the Technical Directorate Delivery Board, development of the integrated work plan for Tranche 3 of the GDF Programme, project controls, change and issue management. Furthermore, Amentum- is supporting Nuclear Waste Services with specific deliverables in relation to requirements management, knowledge management, waste package specifications, geological disposal alternatives and further understanding of options for disposal. Amentum is working with a dedicated supply team and directly with the client team to ensure a consistently integrated approach is taken between projects associated with the GDF Programme.

We have decades of experience in the design, licensing, construction, and operation of deep geological radioactive waste repositories, and near surface facilities in the UK and internationally.

Project Highlights

  • Programme management and planning for the next 10 years of Nuclear Waste Services acitivites for the siting and characterisatrion of the GDF.
  • Development of a roadmap to implement Requirements Management within the client organisation including review and enhancement of procedures, processes, training, and client capability.
  • Review and enhancement of disposal concepts for high-heat generating wastes, alternative container designs and technology readiness reviews of alternative disposal concepts such as near surface disposal and deep boreholes.
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