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UK Atomic Weapons Establishment

Enriched Uranium Components Programme

Amentum is the Delivery Partner on the Enriched Uranium Components Programme at the Aldermaston site. Amentum is the programme integration partner, managing and delivering the scope of multiple independent yet interconnected projects. This includes: Completion of the Material Handling Store. Repacking of Enriched Uranium in readiness for shipment. Shipment of the material to a new

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completed construction of vaults

Construction of Low-Level Waste Vaults at Dounreay

At the Dounreay site a sustainable solution was required for local disposal of the low-level waste generated from the site’s decommissioning mission. Upon Amentum’s arrival as part of the Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL) Parent Body Organisation in 2012 we managed the construction project of the unique near surface disposal vaults adjacent to the site.

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