UK Atomic Weapons Establishment


Enriched Uranium Components Programme

Amentum is the Delivery Partner on the Enriched Uranium Components Programme at the Aldermaston site.

Amentum is the programme integration partner, managing and delivering the scope of multiple independent yet interconnected projects. This includes:

  • Completion of the Material Handling Store.
  • Repacking of Enriched Uranium in readiness for shipment.
  • Shipment of the material to a new store.
  • Decommissioning of the old store and facility.

Furthermore, we are responsible for the development of an Enriched Uranium components manufacturing capability. The contract reward is outcome-based and provides a clear example that Amentum is focused on reducing the cost to the client whilst providing a high quality service that meets all expectations and deadlines.

Delivery Risks & Stakeholder Confidence:

Amentum’s experience in complex project management has been applied in our role as programme integration partner. This experience sees our approach focus on the beginning of the delivery cycle, ensuring programme
requirements are aligned to our client’s strategic objectives and needs whilst ensuring stakeholder views and challenges have been addressed. This formula is key as it avoids the significant risk of launching projects with unclear
objectives, without stakeholder buy-in, and the risk of ‘in flight’ and potentially uncontrolled change. Amentum’s programme and project management delivery approach is rooted in effective management of risks, interfaces, and integration of requirements into scope, through design, regulatory approvals, procurement strategy, quality of delivery, installation, commissioning, hand over and benefits realisation. We seek to ensure we support our clients in only initiating the right projects and deliver them in a controlled, efficient manner, which builds confidence with stakeholders and regulators.

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