USAID Pandemic Response


Global Health Supply Chain: Supporting the Fight Against COVID-19 and Ebola

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for balancing supply chain efficiency with resilience. As pandemics continue to compound health system challenges, communities in heavily disease-burdened countries are disproportionately facing the acute health, social and economic impacts of the pandemic.

Amentum has been strengthening global health and humanitarian supply chains for decades. We work hand-in-hand with government agencies, donor organizations and local stakeholders to respond to humanitarian crises and development challenges around the world. We foster sustainable health improvements by providing integrated procurement, logistics and delivery services, along with technical expertise in forecasting, demand planning, strategic sourcing and warehousing. Our approach ensures that efficiency does not come at the expense of sustainability.

Program Highlights

  • When the government of Afghanistan needed help to limit COVID-19 outbreaks across an overcrowded prison system in early 2020, we responded by acquiring hard-to-procure personal protective equipment, designing and implementing infection control protocols and setting up and operating screening, testing and triage services.
  • When Liberia was ravaged by the Ebola epidemic in 2014, we procured and delivered more than $17 million of desperately needed medical equipment and supplies, deployed more than 1,000 personnel and had 10 Ebola treatment units staffed and operational within 60 days. Additionally, we provided clinical and vocational training to Liberian personnel to strengthen the country’s health system and deployed helicopters to overcome ground transportation challenges.
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