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Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) Transport

Amentum Supplies Logistics Support Services for U.S. Amy Fixed Wing Fleets

CLS Transport delivers mission ready Transport Aircraft (TA) for worldwide personnel and cargo transport. Amentum performs life cycle services providing operational airlift and priority air transport to Department of Defense (DoD) customers. We manage and deliver aviation maintenance and associated services for the Army Fixed Wing Program Office (FWPO). We provide full Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) for 150 government-owned, fixed-wing TAs in 71 CONUS and OCONUS Bed-Down Bases (BB), three heavy maintenance facilities, and two warehouses. Fleets supported include the U.S. Army’s C-12, C-26, and UC-35 TA.  Amentum also provides maintenance support for four U.S. Army T-6D aircraft. Services include total aircraft system site and depot maintenance, repair, modification, service, logistical support, quality oversight, and management processes.

Transport CLS 2Amentum performs inspections, launch and recovery of the aircraft, supply of all spares and support equipment; component repair and overhaul at Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified repair stations; maintenance and repair of all support equipment to include government-owned equipment; aircraft strip and paint; and engine and propeller repair, overhaul, and limited aircraft operation. Systems maintained and supported include aircraft, engines, propellers, spares, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Government Furnished Property (GFP), and aircraft survivability equipment. We manage around 450 personnel at more than 70 locations.

Amentum, under its legacy company DynCorp International (DI), has performed on this contract for the Army since June 2017.

Project Highlights:

  • In 2017, we completed program transition on or ahead of schedule at 73 sites and 2 warehouses in weekly increments across a 10-week period.
    • We simultaneously deployed up to 13 independent transition teams and finished most sites ahead of schedule each week.
    • Transition sites included 13 international locations in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.
    • All 73 sites were transitioned on or ahead of schedule, far exceeding the 80 percent contract requirement – the FWPO awarded DI a $1.5M incentive fee following the successful and seamless transition of the CLS Transport Program.
    • The management team absorbed and corrected long-standing logistics issues prior to transition, resulting in a solid accounting of government furnished property and properly maintained, and certified, equipment and material.
  • Transport CLS 3In 2018, shortly after contract start, the government awarded the CLS Transport program the full annual incentive fee for Quality and Safety. The government awarded the full Quality and Safety incentive fee to DI again in 2019 and 2020.
  • During the 2018 – 2019 performance period, DI delivered 27 aircraft from heavy maintenance and elective improvement activities increasing TA readiness.
  • In July 2019, DI mechanics were recognized for the first successful ADS-B modification of a T-6D aircraft, enabling next generation surveillance technology.
    • While complying with mandatory Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) quality assurance stop-points, the DI team completed the modification ahead of schedule in only 200 hours, versus the anticipated 349 hours.
    • The Redstone Test Center customer formally recognized and awarded the DI team Commander’s coins for excellence.
  • Received the 2019 Materiel Readiness Award for a Contribution by a Major Contractor.
  • Our proprietary system, DynMRO, is used to plan and manage supply chain for CLS Transport Aircraft. DynMRO incorporates aircraft configuration data and inspection intervals to allow planning and scheduling of Time-Based Overhaul (TBO) items.
  • AS 9110C and 9100D certified.
  • We worked closely with the customer to develop multiple non-standard repair plans for damaged aircraft needing repair to return to airworthiness standards.
  • Government Flight Representative (GFR)-approved flight/ground operations procedures.
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