Clean Energy

Engineering a net zero carbon future.

Securing resilient, secure, and low- or no-carbon sources of power for government and private sector is today’s most pressing challenge. We successfully navigate regulations and funding requirements, develop transformative partnerships, leverage advanced technologies, engineer, install and manage innovative solutions. We understand your needs and will provide a roadmap to transition your operations from a reliance on carbon rich fuel to a source of energy that is resilient, secure and carbon free.

Our Unique Capabilities

Developing a clean energy roadmap requires a team of experts that understand how to assess your existing energy mix and provide a smart, scalable strategy to transition your operations to achieve your long-term energy goals.
An important part of any clean energy solution is the ability to successfully navigate a growing list of regulatory and funding requirements. With a portfolio of projects across federal, state, and local sectors Amentum knows how to navigate the complex landscape of regulatory and funding requirements to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

We believe we’re better together. That’s why we are actively partnering with companies who offer specialized solutions for each building block in the clean energy value chain. This allows us to leverage the strengths of each partner and connect them in a way that increases overall value to our clients.

As existing technologies mature and new technologies emerge, knowing how to identify, integrate, install, and manage these technologies is critical. We specialize in doing just that. 

We solve the world’s most complex challenges. We want to help take your clean energy goals from aspiration to reality. Our team of qualified engineers, subject matter experts, government cleared workers are eager to help you through each step of the process. Not only can we help you identify the solution, but we can also help you build, install, and manage it. Contact us today and let us help you build a safer, smarter, cleaner world.

Hydrogen Power Building Blocks

Hydrogen Production
H2 Production
Unlike oil or gas, hydrogen can be produced anywhere by either using natural gas or by splitting the H2 from water by using electrolyzers.
Hydrogen Storage
H2 Storage
Amentum is partnering with companies that are bringing cost effective hydrogen storage capabilities to the market.
HydrogenIcons Green FuelCell
H2 Power Generation
Electrical power can be efficiently created via a electrochemical reactions (hydrogen fuel cells) or using an internal combustion engine fueled with hydrogen.
image (12)
To provide independence from the national grid, the creation of a microgrid(s) will be necessary. Microgrids enable the ability to interconnect and control various energy loads.

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We specialize in the design, construction, commissioning, and operations of innovative solutions for the world’s most complex challenges. We’re positioned to deliver hydrogen technology through a series of demonstration projects to achieve a secure, resilient, and clean energy source by 2030. We’re eager to partner with you to build a clean, resilient, secure energy future.

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