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Starting with the bigger picture helps us solve the complex challenges
we know our customers face across the UK nuclear estate

Our life-cycle, whole programme approach

We are mission-driven and hold a proven track record in the safe and effective management and operation of nuclear sites and nuclear facilities. Our life-cycle approach and unparalleled operational experience give us an informed view from where best to plan and start work.

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Plutonium Contaminated Material Decommissioning | Low Level Waste Repository | Low-Level Waste Vaults | Exotic & Breeder Fuels Programmes

Since 2008, we have provided integrated waste management at Low Level Waste Repository and seen:

  • A 98% reduction of annual volume of low-level waste across the UK
  • Savings of £2 billion by removing the need for a second repository until 2130
  • A 100+ years repository life extension, creating £450 million cost avoidance savings

We have been making change and driving
safe nuclear programmes in the UK since the 1990’s

Our expertise in the UK Nuclear Industry and expert knowledge
across various sites is helping progress the UK Nuclear mission

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1. Dounreay
End State Contract, £2.5 billion, 2012 to today

2. Low Level Waste Repository
Management and Operations Contract, £700 million, 2008 to today

3. Sellafield
Management and Operations Contract, over £9 billion, 2008 – 2016

4. Atomic Weapons Establishment
Enriched Uranium Programme, £400 million, 2018 to today

Amentum has other contracts in the UK with Nuclear Atomic Establishment, Radioactive Waste Management, UK (United Kingdom) Atomic Energy Authority, and Faslane

We work with our customers to enhance national security, and through commitment, innovation, and excellence we deliver safe management and decommissioning of nuclear sites and facilities – whilst ensuring we provide great value for money.

Core Capabilities

Experience, passion and purpose in:

We specialise in the provision of long-term programme and project management expertise across the nuclear and defence industry.

We provide the safe, effective and integrated management of radioactive waste, from generation through to disposal.

Our waste-informed decommissioning avoids the double-handling of radioactive waste. It sees the safe and compliant removal of waste as soon as it is generated.

From packaging and storage to transport and facility design, Amentum is experienced in the safe management of special nuclear materials.

The design and construction of nuclear facilities is a complex process and can involve anything from designing a repository or constructing a vault for low-level-waste, to the construction of nuclear processing facilities. Amentum has the experience of operating nuclear facilities and whole sites.

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Our scope is our clients’ mission – and together, we focus on the outcome.
Providing excellent value for money. Delivering at the right time to the right
cost and quality, in ways that are regulatory safe and environmentally compliant.

Key Projects

UK Atomic Weapons Establishment

Enriched Uranium Components Programme

Metallic Waste Removal Project

Management of the Low Level Waste Repository and the National Low Level Waste Programme

completed construction of vaults

Construction of Low-Level Waste Vaults at Dounreay

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