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Range Support Contracts – CTTR, J-Tech II, RSS II

Range Support Contracts – CTTR, J-Tech II, RSS II

Amentum is the largest range support services provider in the world. This footprint includes some of the largest and most comprehensive contracts for the US Navy and the US Air Force.

We currently operate the Combined Tactical Training Ranges (CTTR) contract, and provide technical Engineering, Operations, Maintenance and Program management service for 11 US Navy/Marine Corps training ranges. CTTR supports air, land and sea training exercises for small- to large-unit events. Operations include Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) capabilities.

The J-Tech II contract provides engineering and technical services to support research, development, test and evaluation, training missions, and related support activities for the 412th Test Wing Edwards, Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), Utah Test and Training Range, and China Lake Ranges. We provide expert technical knowledge of flight and ground test and training systems, equipment and facilities to support pre-mission, mission and post-mission requirements in areas including Telemetry Systems, Telecommunication Systems, Signal Collect/Monitoring Analysis, Threat Systems, Computer Systems, Instrumentation Systems, Mission Control/Coordination, Data Analysis/Reports, Time-Space Position Information (TSPI)/Scoring Systems, Test/Training Management, and Sustainment Engineering.

We also deliver Range Support Services via RSS II to the NTTR, Leach Lake Tactical Range, and Creech Air Force Base. We provide critical operational mission support as well as target maintenance for testing, tactics development, advanced training, and remotely piloted aircraft combat operations.

Amentum is teamed and supports the Eglin Operations and Maintenance Services contract providing advanced test support and data collection for open air ranges over the Gulf of Mexico, several ground test facilities, and overland ranges.

Finally, Amentum is teamed and supports the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex which integrates all domains for advanced training opportunities.

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