Agricultural Infrastructure Activity: Increased availability of quality agricultural produce

The Feed the Future (FTF) Bangladesh Agricultural Infrastructure Development Activity (Agricultural Infrastructure Activity) seeks to address the infrastructure needs of farmers and related value chain actors through investments in rural roads, market centers, collection centers, cold storage facilities, and drainage/irrigation systems. By investing in rural infrastructure, the activity will increase incomes, create jobs, reduce postharvest losses, improve agricultural productivity and production, and strengthen food security. The activity will provide infrastructure services in the Zone of Influence (ZOI) and Zone of Resilience (ZOR).

Project Highlights

  • Increased access to markets for agricultural produce, inputs and services by improving transportation and associated drainage systems for agricultural produce, inputs, and services between farm markets, and by improving community capacity to manage and maintain rural roads and drainage systems efficiently and sustainability.
  • Enhanced post-harvest handling and storage of agricultural produce by increasing access to, and sanitation conditions for, markets, post-harvest handling and storage facilities, and by improving sustainable operation and maintenance of markets and postharvest facilities.
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