A&E III: Supporting Infrastructure Needs for USAID Around the World

A&E III IDIQ provides infrastructure services, including infrastructure planning, engineering design, construction supervision, and related support to communities around the world.  This support can range from quick response to short and long-term services in key areas such as:

  • water resources (surface water and groundwater) / water supply / wastewater
  • climate adaptation
  • environmental
  • on-shore and off-shore facilities
  • land and air transportation
  • geotechnical and underground resources
  • solid waste
  • hazardous materials handling and disposal
  • energy
  • telecommunications
  • vertical structures
  • seismic resilience of structures
  • master planning of urban, industrial and commercial zones.

Project Highlights

  • Broad scope of work can support many communities’ needs
  • Supports work around the world
  • Provides support and advice to USAID and participating host government entities and regulatory bodies
  • This program is planned and implemented in coordination with other donors, national, provincial and local governments, NGOs, community groups, and private and public enterprises.
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