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“Today, we can only replicate about 60 percent of the capabilities of a brigade combat team at our combat training centers,” said Combined Arms Center-Training Deputy Commander Col. Charles Lombardo. An important step in modernizing Army training includes improving on three-decade old technology, the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES). Live training is an essential component to ensuring readiness and technology has come a long way since the development of MILES in the 70s which is rapidly reaching its endpoint.

The battlefield is changing, and it is imperative that we do everything we can to ensure the warfighter is prepared for complex situations. Current training relies on legacy technologies that prohibits a realistic and accurate training for our soldiers. Emerging technology solutions can significantly improve the training experience and better prepare soldiers with clear overmatch capabilities.

Amentum’s solution revolutionizes Army force-on-force training through a modern, edge-compute enabled sensor platform. The Weapons as a Sensor Platform Internet of Things (WaaSP IoT) incorporates devices directly on targeting systems to ensure data is accurate and secure across training, operations, and maintenance. The WaaSP IoT architecture enables selective adoption of new technologies when timing and finances best support the end user. WaaSP IoT also supports accurate and realistic training measurement through our core research-based approach to data collection, evaluation, and feedback. Methodologies can be integrated that help trainees to learn more effectively and perform more consistently. The system is mobile and mounts directly on weapons and can operate in remote environments.

The United States Congress recognized the game-changing significance of this technology. During the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act process, the House of Representatives included Synthetic Training Environment (STE) as an Item of Special Interest. The language highlights the importance of STE in preparing the warfighter for real-world scenarios and improving overall readiness of units. The House expressed interest in seeing the Department of Defense (DoD) pursue STE options and plans to follow DoD’s plans closely.

At Amentum, we take great pride in working hard to support the warfighter and guarantee readiness. For years, we have been the hallmark for how soldiers maintain overmatch – providing a deep understanding of design, testing, developing, and fielding of U.S. Army systems at home and abroad.  The resulting value to the U.S. Army is a live training solution that advances the future of U.S. Army modernization and lethality which can be delivered at the speed of Army readiness. With a 116-year history of partnership with the U.S. armed forces, Amentum is committed to soldier and unit readiness and stands ready to support in all domains, land, air, sea, space, and cyberspace.

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