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Supporting mission critical success for our manufacturing clients

William Yetter CAT East Peoria AD Cooling Water Valve 4 003

By Daniella Balzan

Solutions Architect

William Yetter-CAT-East Peoria AD-Cooling Water Valve 4The manufacturing industry has become increasingly important to many parts of our economy: it is crucial for our service industries’ operation, technological progress and innovation, for the creation of jobs, for economic growth overall and stimulation of other economic activities.

Not only do many services depend on a manufacturing core, but some of them are also, by their nature, related to manufacturing. These include industrial R&D, innovation, product design, and other engineering-related services. At Amentum we are proud to support mission-critical programs for commercial organizations here and overseas. With an unrivaled record of performance and dedication for ensuring program success, we are the trusted partner to customers that seek exceptional mission delivery in critical industrial, manufacturing, office, data centers, pharmaceutical, life sciences and chemical refinement, government, research and development, logistics and consumer products so clients can focus on their core business.

We could not perform our services without consistently employing the right people who have the best skills for each role. We take pride in hiring, training, and retaining employees serving our clients, specifically in the manufacturing industry, who possess the drive, motivation, and flexibility to grow and to safely perform operations and maintenance services that keep our clients’ manufacturing sites running.

In February 2020 our teams embarked on a tough challenge: maintaining facilities while facing the unforeseen circumstances associated with COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic has not just affected millions of lives, but also extensively disrupted businesses across the globe. It also showcased how critical manufacturing activities are to our collective health and well-being. Like many other professionals in various industries, our technicians became front-line workers, risking their lives while ensuring production remained stable.

Since then, our technicians have performed a superb job working hand-in-hand with our clients to re-establish and re-imagine safety practices, evaluate response plans and optimize best practices.

To all our technicians and support staff, we thank you for your unwavering commitment to service!

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