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Amentum’s Fierce Commitment to Safety

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At Amentum, we have fierce commitment. No matter the challenge, we work safely with mission success the only acceptable outcome.

Recently, Amentum was granted membership to the exclusive and prestigious Campbell Institute. The Campbell Institute is the National Safety Council’s (NSC) Center of Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence (EHS). The Institute is comprised of only about 40 member organizations who are admitted based on their record of EHS excellence. The Campbell Institute offers organizations the unique opportunity to interact with peers across industries to share best practices and connect with thought-leaders worldwide. Participation in the Campbell Institute’s thought leadership groups positions Amentum as an industry leader in EHS, operational, and financial performance.

However, Amentum’s admittance to the Campbell Institute is just one indication of our organization’s prioritization of EHS in our operations. Companies that emphasize safety enjoy many other benefits, including higher-quality work, increased customer satisfaction, and improved employee morale. But above all else, embracing EHS meets our core value of having a fierce commitment to be purpose-driven and work safely for mission success.

Amentum EHS achievements this year include recognition from multiple organizations:

  • Amentum programs earned Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association awards including:
    • UCOR was awarded an Innovation Award for digital transformation activities to increase employee safety observation reporting
    • Waste Isolation Pilot Plant was awarded an Outreach Award for implementation of the Leadership Academy training program
    • WRPS won an Innovation Award for design and implementation of an excavation conveyor system
  • George Howard, EHS Director, Critical Missions, was selected as a “Rising Star of Safety” by the National Safety Council.
  • Two Amentum programs, APS-5 and FRAME, were semi-finalists for a National Safety Council Green Cross Award for Excellence.
  • Two Amentum programs, Savannah River Remediation and CFT NAS North Island were named Industry Leader award winners by the National Safety Council. These projects represent the top 5% of NSC member organizations and have achieved the lowest incident rate in their NAICS codes.
  • Amentum joined the National Safety Council’s musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) pledge to help lead the global charge to reduce workplace injuries.
  • Amentum received numerous National Safety Council awards based upon our programs’ safety performance:
    • 69 programs earning Occupational Excellence Achievement Awards
    • 62 programs achieving Perfect Record Awards
    • 15 programs awarded Million Work Hour Awards
    • 31 programs receiving Safety Leadership Awards
    • 12 programs presented with Superior Safety Performance Awards
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