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Amentum led company begins work at DOE’s Hanford Site

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Amentum led company begins work at DOE’s Hanford Site

By Scott Sax
President and Project Manager
Central Plateau Cleanup Company

It’s official! The transition is behind us and today marks the first day of the Amentum led Central Plateau Cleanup Company’s (CPCCo) management of nuclear waste cleanup on Hanford’s Central Plateau.

Scott Sax Central Plateau Cleanup

This is exciting for our company, which has been specially assembled to successfully accelerate cleanup work. We are prepared to work with DOE, the regulators and stakeholders to make Hanford a model for success across the DOE Complex.

This contract model is the new approach the Department has undertaken in administering its nuclear cleanup program nationwide. It allows the government flexibility with contractors to address the highest priority needs within a well-defined service contract. The parties agree on written task orders – mini contracts – developed to complete discrete aspects of work that can be executed to specific schedules and cost geared to accelerate cleanup.

The three partner companies that form the LLC – Amentum, Fluor Federal Services and Atkins Nuclear Secured – bring more than a century of nuclear cleanup experience to the job, including 60-plus years at Hanford. Collectively, we have decommissioned nearly 1,200 facilities and disposed of more waste for the U.S. environmental cleanup program than any other company.

CPCCo’s approach to work is underpinned by a closure mindset to deliver headline-worthy changes throughout the contract. The first step is gaining DOE and regulator alignment on the ultimate vision, then refocusing the site culture with a bias toward action, transforming the skyline, reducing site risk and liability, and shrinking overall lifecycle costs and schedule.

CPCCo’s Hanford vision looks beyond this 10-year contract to an integrated site lifecycle approach that safely achieves meaningful near-term goals and reduces risk, while accelerating the overall remediation schedule and minimizing lifecycle costs.

Perhaps the most important part of this process is engaging the 1,800+ skilled Hanford workers who – today – become part of our CPCCo team. They are second to none, and together we will get the job done, safely and efficiently.

While the new contract definitely presents changes and challenges, it also offers unique opportunities to be flexible, work smarter and excel. So, as we begin our new adventure as the CPCCo team, we are committed to approaching these opportunities with an open mind, steady optimism and unwavering determination to get the job done – and done well.

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