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Amentum Celebrates Six Months as an Independent Company

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Amentum Celebrates Six Months as an Independent Company

By John Vollmer, CEO

This week marks our sixth-month milestone as a new company. We have so much to be proud of this year, and I look forward to us properly celebrating all that we have achieved on Amentum’s first birthday early in 2021.

The amount of change our nation and the world has endured this year, and continues to experience, is truly unprecedented. As a newly formed company, we have also managed many changes. Launching our new brand, and transitioning to new systems, platforms, and processes, are just a few of the changes.

For several months, many of us have also been adjusting to working remotely, while many others have continued to work on the frontlines supporting our customers’ most critical missions. It has been a challenging time for everyone — but despite the changes, I am proud to say we are continuing to perform and deliver excellence, supporting both our people and our customers.

Following are a few highlights of what we have achieved together:

Living Safely
• Achieved Diamond-level sponsorship of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) program. More than 1,035 active Amentum employees have achieved the STS and STSC certifications respectively – nearly 20 percent of all STS-certified professionals and the most of any organization.
• Anniston Static Detonation Chamber Worksite approved as a Star Participant in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program.

Valuing our people and communities
• Enhanced employee benefits. Our Benefits Workstream team continues to meet and strategize improvements.
• Launched Amentum Academy, offering more than 8,500 LinkedIn courses.
• Engaged our employees through Waggl pulses.
• Launched STP Foundations, the next step in our Supervisor Training Program.
• Received more than $497,000 in COVID-19 PTO donations, with 220 employees supported to date.
• Committed $200,000 to help communities nationwide meet the most critical needs created by COVID-19. read more

Building our brand
• Amentum wins Creative Award of Distinction for TV Commercial.
• Launched The Forum, Amentum’s company blog.

Driving Innovation
• SRR developed a new electronic application capable of reducing by up to 75 percent the time needed to qualify large quantities of radioactive liquid salt waste for decontamination processes. read more

Delivering Success
• We have also won some significant contract awards, highlighted below, and our backlog remains supportive of future growth:

‒ $1.3 billion federal law enforcement support services contract (joint venture)
‒ $770 million Honeywell Engineering Support task order for DOE Infrastructure Projects contract
‒ $165 million NASA Kennedy Space Center Propellants and Life Support Services II contract
‒ Selected for $6.4 billion AFCAP V
‒ $86.9 million Seaport-e Task Order supporting Strategic and Computing Department (A Department) at NSWC Dahlgren, Va.
‒ $29.8 million award to provide Rocket Warhead Containment System Equipment and Testing

I look forward to all we’ll continue to achieve together in the next six months, leading up to Amentum’s first birthday. Our future is bright – we have much to look forward to!


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