How to Eliminate Cyber Risks in Supply Chain

How to Eliminate Cyber Risks in Supply Chain

By Vlad Bacalu
SVP, Strategic and Technical Solutions

This month is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. At Amentum, we understand that the digital connections between buyers and sellers, combined with robotic process automation create cybersecurity vulnerabilities and data breaches if not managed properly. For instance, many facility managers and their maintenance teams have been installing sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices in order to be more proactive in their maintenance activities or improve employees’ workplace experience. As vast amount of data are transferred between organizations, one can never be certain that their suppliers and vendors have also implemented the same methods.

Supply chain and Cybersecurity

How Can Organizations Protect Themselves from Cyber Attacks?
Here are some tips that can help with eliminating the risks related to supply chain:

  • Training employees and vendors in security best practices
  • Developing a risk evaluation methodology and understanding the risks associated with every supply chain process
  • Reviewing internal and external security procedures
  • Pre-qualifying suppliers that meet the risk management criteria
  • Requiring suppliers to follow operating standards for cybersecurity in the supply chain
  • Mapping the supply chain and identifying cybersecurity risk exposures

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