Managed Bandwidth & Secure Network Solutions

Securing Your Success - Anytime, Anywhere - Our Delta Bridge Legacy

Our Delta Bridge Network & Communications solutions, built on the proud tradition of our legacy company of the same name, provide our commercial & Government customers with a diverse portfolio of innovative services & support to ensure mission success – anytime, anywhere.  

Communications Solutions

Managed Bandwidth Services

Managed Bandwidth Services

Leased satellite bandwidth services 

Secure Networking

Secure Networking 

Plug in to the Secure, Global Network

Network Ops Center

Network Ops Center

Providing a picture of everything that is happening on the network

Examples of Our Customized Solutions

isolated pearbox

Pear Box™

Portable Alarm System

The PEAR BOX™ is a portable Bosch B8512G Alarm System custom designed to meet a wide variety of specialized security scenarios. Housed in a rugged transport case, the system is packaged for simple transport worldwide, and suitable for use in remote locations.

isolated aspen


Portable Communications Kit

ASPEN™ is a portable communications kit that enables mobile, secure satellite communications in remote or disadvantaged locations, and is designed for rapid deployment and setup.

isolated flytrap


Video Surveillance 

The FLYTRAP™ provides portable, live streaming, Digital Video Recorder, wireless video surveillance solutions for use by Homeland Security and Loss Prevention, VIP Security Staff, and USG Security Teams. This complete system includes everything required to quickly deploy and setup a video surveillance system on scene and achieve remote video access in a matter of minutes.

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