Managed Bandwidth & Secure Network Solutions

Securing Your Success - Providing reliable and secure communications

Amentum’s Delta Bridge is a leading systems integrator, specializing in secure, robust, and highly configurable fixed and mobile communications in addition to providing data transport systems.

Communications Solutions

Managed Bandwidth Services

Satellite Bandwidth and Hardware Solutions

Leased satellite bandwidth services 

Amentum’s Delta Bridge offers comprehensive services tailored to optimize all communications needs. These solutions enable users to efficiently allocate and monitor their satellite bandwidth, ensuring they have the right capacity to support their specific needs. Whether it’s adjusting bandwidth allocation for various applications, implementing traffic management for optimal performance, or maintaining the security and reliability of satellite connections, managed bandwidth solutions provide a customized approach to satellite network management.

Starlink Operations

Emergency Comms

Custom MWR Solutions

Hardware Catalog


Secure Networking

Secure Networking

Plug in to the Secure, Global Network

Amentum’s Delta Bridge will safeguard digital communication and data exchange within its secure network, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential, integrity is maintained, and unauthorized access is prevented.

By employing robust encryption, authentication protocols, and cybersecurity measures, secure networking not only protects businesses and individuals from data breaches and cyber threats but also fosters trust, reliability, and privacy in an increasingly interconnected world.

Network Ops Center

Network Ops Center

Providing a clear view of the entire network

The Delta Bridge NOC is the heartbeat of our organization’s digital infrastructure. Our NOC is a state-of-the-art facility where dedicated experts monitor and manage our network 24/7. With cutting-edge technology and real-time analytics, we ensure the seamless functioning, security, and performance of our network, allowing us to deliver uninterrupted services to our clients.

Our NOC team is committed to swiftly identifying and addressing any issues, proactively optimizing network efficiency, and upholding the highest standards of reliability and security to provide you with a superior digital experience.

Examples of Our Customized Solutions

isolated pearbox

Pear Box™

Portable Alarm System

The PEAR BOX™ is a portable Bosch B8512G Alarm System custom designed to meet a wide variety of specialized security scenarios. Housed in a rugged transport case, the system is packaged for simple transport worldwide, and suitable for use in remote locations.

isolated aspen


Portable Communications Kit

ASPEN™ is a portable communications kit that enables mobile, secure satellite communications in remote or disadvantaged locations, and is designed for rapid deployment and setup.

isolated flytrap


Video Surveillance 

The FLYTRAP™ provides portable, live streaming, Digital Video Recorder, wireless video surveillance solutions for use by Homeland Security and Loss Prevention, VIP Security Staff, and USG Security Teams. This complete system includes everything required to quickly deploy and setup a video surveillance system on scene and achieve remote video access in a matter of minutes.

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