Advanced Test & Training

Supporting Training & Testing Anytime, Anyplace, and Across Platforms

Amentum brings real-world experience to deliver effective, individually tailored training that ensures people have the right skills and are matched with the right tools to succeed. As the world has changed, we have adapted our approach to virtualize our offerings – VR training, synthetic training environments, and digital twin evaluation environments.

We support training across numerous areas including:

  • flight / pilot (rotary & fixed wing)
  • ship / submarine 
  • weapons systems / platforms
  • medical

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Collaboration Center

Airman Model Based Systems EngineeringThe MBSE Collaboration Center, located adjacent to NSWC Crane, brings together the top private-sector and government engineers, the latest tools, and advanced digital domain models to enhance collaboration and to visual solutions to defeat emerging threats.

Key Technical Services

  • Live, Virtual Constructive Simulations
  • Synthetic Training Environment
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Training System Development & Integration
  • Exercises & Wargames
  • Training Evaluation
  • Course Development
  • Intelligence Training
  • Special Forces Training
  • Test & Evaluation for Weapons & Systems
  • Lessons Learned Analysis
  • Test Facilities & Ranges
  • Training Facilities & Ranges

Key Projects

The Forum


Amentum Partners with Cole Engineering Services, Inc. as Part of its Warfighter Global Solutions Team


Amentum Partners with Valiant as Part of its Warfighter Global Solutions Team to Drive Operational and Training Excellence for the U.S. Army


Enhancing Mission Readiness with Augmented Reality


Amentum Asia-Pacific Presence and Performance

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