Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Base Operations Support Services (BOSS)

Amentum provides end-to-end systems and utilities engineering covering approximately 200 square miles. We deliver remote monitoring and control for over 250,000 sensors for over 150 facilities across KSC. Amentum ensures the safety and readiness of over 700 facilities scattered across 144,000 acres including interior and exterior structures, roads & grounds, interior utilities, and bridges.

Amentum manages flight hardware environment and control specifications in launch processing facilities, and plan and perform preventive maintenance and improvements to meet life safety & mission essential goals and performance standards.

Amentum delivers these critical operations and spaceport solutions primarily to NASA’s KSC facilities. As a multi-user Spaceport for launches of manned and un-manned space flights, we provide services to a multitude of NASA and commercial customers who build payloads, satellites, and processing areas for ground support.

Spaceport Integration Center

Amentum Spaceport never sleeps – with a 24/7 Spaceport Integration Center (SIC) that continuously plans operations support and stands ready to respond to real-time or emergency interruption of customer service. SIC is the hub for Spaceport information, whether it’s weather forecasting for planning or taking shelter to keep us safe, launch countdown status, road closures, USFWL controlled burns, or flight hardware movement. Amentum is engaged in all things Spaceport!

Project Highlights:

  • Amentum has successfully supported an average of 50 launches per year, exceeding government’s expectation of 20
  • Amentum’s system, utilities and facilities readiness are imperative to all launch processing activities from testing to liftoff to post launch
  • Amentum has a major role in the many spaceport-wide process changes resulting from the increase in payload and launch processing activities
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