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Amentum’s Digital Drive to Connect Communities Safely

Group with John Cornish

Amentum is committed to supporting its local communities through a range of initiatives and engagements.

Following a request from the Cranfield Trust, Amentum has been delighted to support Springboard, a UK charity dedicated to supporting people under 25, through the provision of advice, skills, and training for careers in the hospitality sector.

Amentum’s UK and International sector Chief Information Security Officer, Jon Cornish, supported by Information Security Manager, Jemma Goldstein, delivered a consultancy-led engagement in 2022, reviewing the charity’s Data Protection and Information Security maturity.

This engagement led to Springboard establishing and investing in an improvement project to champion Data Protection and Information Security throughout their organisation in support of their organisational strategy.

Amentum was asked to carry out further work in November 2023, providing a further maturity assessment of Springboards Data Protection and Information Security provisions.

CISO, Jon Cornish noted that: “The commitment and investment demonstrated by Springboard and in particular its CEO, Chris Gamm, and Head of Digital Development, Ted Blackwell, really stood out to us. Springboard demonstrated its passion and determination to raise standards and commit to its Data Protection and Information Security programme.

Throughout the project, Springboard made it clear that they want to be best placed to meet and maintain their obligations, protect their people, organisation, valuable assets, and important work within the charitable sector.”

Leading the project for Springboard, head of digital development Ted Blackwell said: “We set out to secure expert assistance in improving our Information Security position and Jonathan and Jemma’s knowledge of both ISO27001 and the information security landscape has helped us to both align to and mature within, the ISO27001 framework.

Many thanks to both the team at Amentum and the Cranfield Trust for their support in delivering this project. Amentum’s concise professional guidance, delivered in a friendly environment, challenged us to improve our information security, while also protecting the organisation. Springboard will continue to improve on our journey to align our Information Security to the ISO27001 international standard, with a fantastic start made.”

Well done to the team, we’re proud to be able to make a difference, working together with our communities to make a difference.

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