Space Launch – Base Operations Support Services

Space Launch - Base Operations Support Services (BOSS)

The Future is Near - Our Capabilities in Space BOSS

Our 40-year performance as a critical partner to NASA, the U.S. Air & Space Forces, and commercial launch providers in critical Base Operations Support Services (BOSS) has established Amentum as the premier partner to and developer of new capabilities and innovations in the space launch industry. Understanding the mission and safely managing the risks of space launch systems has resulted in Amentum successfully supporting over 400 launch events from the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

Our current BOSS customers include Blue Origin, Space X, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, United Launch Alliance (Boeing & LMCO JV), NASA and all contractors on the SpacePort. Amentum excels at launch operations, sustainment, facilities management, and leverages innovative solutions to manage commercial and government space launch programs on the following contracts:

  • Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Base Operations Support Services (BOSS)
  • Kennedy Propellant and Life Support Services (KPLSS) II
  • Johnson Space Center Facility Support Services (JSC FSS)
  • Facilities Operations & Maintenance Support Services (FOMSS) at NASA MSFC
  • Synergy Achieving Operations & Maintenance Contract (SACOM) at NASA Michoud & Stennis
  • Integrated Facility Management (IFM)
  • Major Facility and Utilities Operations


  • 400+ government and commercial space launches supported
  • 40+ years delivering solutions for customers on Florida’s Space Coast
  • Base Operations Support Services delivered over & above contract requirements and to more entities than current customers

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  • Planning and integration
  • End-to-end critical facility infrastructure operations and sustainment
  • Base operations, assembly, test and integration support
  • Work control and spaceport integration center solutions
  • Power systems, lighting protection and fire protection systems
  • Cryogenics, high pressure water, and special utilities
  • Propellants, pressurants, chemicals and special fluids to support launch operations
  • Systems engineering, steam and power distribution, HVAC
  • Geographic information system, site planning excavation and survey support
  • Environmental and emergency management
  • Facility interiors and exteriors
  • Heavy equipment
  • Configuration management
  • Construction support services
  • Property disposal and management
  • Custodial and cafeteria services
  • Medical clinics
  • Marine operations
  • Freight and transportation management
  • Comprehensive logistics services: shipping, receiving, supply, kitting, crating, procurement, and subcontracting to include property

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