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Defense News Article on Joint Training Environment

Defense News

Defense News Article on Joint Training Environment

Amentum’s SVP of National Defense Programs, Retired Army Maj. Gen. Hamp McManus, teamed with Retired Army Col. Earl Johnson to author this article for Defense News, explaining why a joint synthetic training environment is critical to optimizing force readiness and how 5G will be a critical enabler. According to McManus and Johnson, “the matter of a truly global, joint training environment is ultimately a war-fighting issue, not just a training issue. We cannot be distracted by our ongoing domestic and cultural issues; the budget and modernization concerns are real and will persist. Leveraging secure 5G technology to facilitate a joint STE is the way ahead, optimizing joint force readiness to be prepared for and win the next big war.”

Read the full Defense News article titled A global, joint training environment provides more than just readiness.

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