Naval Test Wing Atlantic (NTWL) Aircraft Maintenance, Modification, and Aircrew Support

Amentum Supports U.S. Navy at Patuxent River for More Than 47 Years

NTWL 1Amentum provides maintenance, modification, repair, and logistics for 111 aircraft, weapons systems, and other support equipment for the Department of Defense and other government agencies at NAS Patuxent River, MD. Naval Test Wing Atlantic (NTWL) is the Navy’s principal flight and ground test activity for the development and acquisition of aircraft and aviation systems with a continual focus on war fighting requirements. We provide maintenance support for 4 test squadrons (VX-23, HX-21, VX-20, UX-24) and 31 different Type/Model/Series aircraft along with the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS) where top pilots and engineers train in the art of test and evaluation, as well as primary SH-60 maintenance support for the Search and Rescue (SAR). There are 1085 employees assigned. As of 2021, Amentum, under its legacy company DynCorp International, has continuously provided maintenance and logistics support at Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River for more than 48 years.

Project Highlights:

  • NTWL 2Amentum has supported NTWL continuously since 1973.
  • Amentum manages a total of 111 fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft simultaneously, which include 4 F/A-18Cs, 3 F/A-18Ds, 4 F/A-18E, 9 F/A-18Fs, 4 E/A-18Gs, 1 E-6B, 2 C-38s, 10 T-38Cs, 6 T-6s, 1 T-6A, 3 P-8s, 3 KC-130Ts, 1 C-130T, 1 KC-130J, 1 C-27J, 4 MV-22s, 2 CV-22, 1 V-22EMD, 1 NU-1B, 2 X-26s, 2 U-6As, 2 MQ-8Bs, 6 MQ-8Cs, 2 RQ-26s, 4 RQ-21s, 2 TH-57s, 3 AH-1Zs, 2 UH-1Ys, 6 MH-60Rs, 7 MH-60Ss, 6 OH-58Cs, 1 UH-60A and 5 UH-60Ls.
  • We manage and maintain 111 DoD and commercial-derivative aircraft of over 30 Type/Model/Series flying >12,889 hours annually in 8,242 sorties.
  • The NTWL fleet averages >40 launch/recovery evolutions daily with our plane captains supporting and marshalling aircraft for an additional 8K ground test hours annually.
  • The Snap-On® Automated Tool Control (ATC) system achieves efficiencies in time/cost. Amentum added 57 ATC toolboxes across squadrons resulting in removal of > 420 personal toolboxes and 20K fewer personal tools.
  • We introduced technology-based solutions to improve our ability to meet or exceed program requirements as part of our continuous improvement efforts: 1) Electronic Visual Displays, 2) TCMax Tool Control Software and 3) ASMi Training Software.
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