MRO Vendor Management

Amentum MRO Vendor Management Services

Find Reliable Partners and improve the total cost of ownership With Amentum’s MRO Vendor Management Services.


Vendor Relationship Management

Amentum knows that your business’ success depends on the quality of your relationship with vendors. Our team has helped hundreds  of critical facilities to develop strong connections based on transparency and communication. We achieve that in a number of ways:

  • Controlling the entering and exiting of the vendors
  • Ensuring safe practices are executed by our vendors
  • Applying scope validation to the highest levels of quality
  • Employing invoice validation for accurate billing
  • Oversight on warranty work to avoid unnecessary billing
  • Capturing work order data for vendor activity
  • Offering the ability to self-perform current vendor activity
  • Consolidating invoices
Warehouse Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Utility Management Solutions (UMS)

Looking to reduce or eliminate water, gas, and electric costs? Amentum’s experts can help you do just that while focusing on safety, reliability, and compliance. Take a look at some of our UMS services:

  • Automation systems built to improve utility operations
  • Efficiency strategies and performance contracts
  • Utility and general building maintenance
  • Project management and subcontractor oversight
  • Facilities grounds maintenance
  • Office move coordination and event setups
  • Administrative services

Vendor Management Software Integration

Our vendor management software has one purpose: make your business run smoother. Here’s how we help you ensure that you are getting the most value from your vendors through our centralized records center:

  • Compatibility and integration with your existing systems such as payroll
  • Automation of onboarding, compliance, and more
  • Vendor management performance review based on KPIs
  • Cost consolidation reports
  • Best practice templates and actionable advice

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