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Information Security within the Nuclear Community

Jon Cornish

By Jon Cornish, Amentum’s UK and International Chief Information Security Officer

The importance of community

As an information security professional, I’ve always enjoyed the sense of community within the profession and the sense of belonging. This is particularly important working with others who share my values, goals and objectives, the things that motivate us, and that we aspire to achieve when making a difference.

Having recently attended the Chartered Institute for Information Security’s Nuclear Community Hub annual conference, the need for fellowship has never been clearer. The event brought together representatives of our diverse and multi-disciplinary security community operating within our nuclear sector community.

Everyone playing their part

I was delighted to see colleagues, customers and partners during the action-packed day hosted at Birchwood Park in Warrington.

As Mark Kendrew, the Community Hub Chair and National Nuclear Laboratory CISO, outlined in his welcoming address to the conference, we are one community and all play our part to make a difference.

Mark outlined a full conference agenda that specifically looked at key aspects of security, from Threat Intelligence leading to informed risk management which was jointly presented by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and the National Crime Agency, to incident response presented by the Nuclear Transport Solutions using an interactive, scenario-based presentation.

The session culminated with presentations from some recent entrants into the information security sector, showcasing the fantastic talent pipeline and wealth of opportunities for new starters to more senior hires transferring into InfoSec roles within the nuclear sector.

As a key supplier to highly regulated industries, Amentum is committed and steadfast in playing its part. Supporting our customers and partners to underpin their strategic goals and objectives and those directed through strategy from government, defence and the application of law.

As someone with deep-rooted experience in a public sector background, I am absolutely clear on my expectations of responsible suppliers and am particularly proud of my team and Amentum’s commitment and contributions. Our Security Supplier Assurance function and capabilities provide confidence and opportunities to share learning, improve and grow stronger together and for the wider benefit of our community.

Amentum in the UK

Reflecting on community and belonging, Amentum stands out by not only championing the shared values of the information security community, and also squarely positioning with our customers and partners to make a difference in the UK and around the world.

We’re investing in our people, some truly outstanding talent helping us to innovate and continually learn and develop solutions to the challenges our customers face. We’re working hard to raise standards, developing and implementing industry-leading governance that is focused on facilitating and enabling business and organisational goals and objectives safely and securely.

We’re leveraging a truly global talent pool from across our organisation present in over 80 countries around to world developing, building and deploying innovative and pioneering technologies to enable our and our customers’ mutual successes.  

As we reflect on a successful year, advancing our Data Protection Compliance Programme, Information Security Management System, Information Security Supply Chain Assurance and Information Technology functions and capabilities, we’re excited and ready to deliver our new Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) strategy.

Our DDaT strategy champions agile methodologies, driving our innovation and continual learning that delivers valuable outcomes that underpin our and our customers’ goals, objectives and aspirations.

-Jon Cornish

Amentum’s UK and International CISO

About the author:

Based in the UK, Jon Cornish is Amentum’s UK and International Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). As[JC2]  the executive lead, Jon is responsible for data, technology and information security. With a diverse background in cyber security, Jon’s career has taken him from policing and law enforcement to consultancy within central government, financial services and defence before joining Amentum in 2021.

In a world of fast-paced technology and emerging threats, staying at the forefront of industry is essential. To support him in this Jon is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec), The British Computer Society (BCS) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

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