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Employee Spotlight: Ward Thorp

Our employee spotlight shines a light on one employee at a time. We value diversity and inclusion and welcome diverse thinking. It takes a village — through collaboration, living safely and driving innovation we realize our goals and help our clients achieve mission success. Our mantra is people first, mission always. In June, we’ll focus on Pride Month. Today’s Q&A is with Ward Thorp, G2x Program Manager.

How did your military service prepare you for a successful career at Amentum?

27 years of service has provided me the opportunity to serve alongside professionals from every walk of life.

How did you come to join Amentum?

Opportunities in the right location

What is your professional and personal background?

Project Management Professional and Fire Fighter

Describe the work you do and how you think it makes a positive impact.

As a Program Manager, I’m not only the leader of a fantastic group of professionals but also the face of this fantastic organization and what it stands for. As a fire fighter, I stand for the safety of the community of which I live and serve. As the Quartermaster of the department, I am responsible for the outfitting of all members and the trucks which serve to protect our citizens.
What are some of your accomplishments and/or what has been your proudest career moment?

I am most proud of earning my Eagle Scout. My proudest career moments include watching members of my team learn and grow, even if that means accepting new opportunities as contractors or better government positions. The way I see it, if the government hires one of my contractors, that says I hired the right person to begin with.

What do you enjoy about working for Amentum?

Amentum is filled with great members and leadership that care not only about the mission, but also each other.

What are you passionate about?

Community service and ensuring everyone is treated as equals. Being able to spend quality time with my oldest son as firefighters is a fantastic way to serve the community. He is leaving this fall to study Fire Science at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

What’s your career advice?

 Enjoy your job. Second to your home, it’s where you will spend most of your time and affects your home as well.
What does safety mean to you or do you have a favorite safety tip?

 Safety tip besides smoke detectors, is move over for flashing lights, even if it’s just a volunteer fire fighter trying to get to a scene. That scene may be your house or your family.

What’s the best invention in the world and why?

Indoor plumbing…. Need I explain.

Anything else you would like to share from a personal or professional perspective?

Employee Assistance Services and mental health professionals are there for you. Towards the end of my father’s life, his dementia led him to believe I was a fellow Soldier serving with him in Korea and we walked the line checking on his Soldiers. I was just as proud to be his fellow Soldier and not his son. I never tried to convince him otherwise. Confusing and hurting him would just hurt me too.

What does Pride Month mean to you?

 Accepting all for who they are.

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