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Effective & Sustainable Environmental Remediation

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Requires a Costefficient Holistic Approach


Effective remediation of complex sites not only requires the use and integration of multiple remedy components and new technologies, but it also requires merging sustainability values with a continued commitment to the socio-economic needs of its communities, partners, and stakeholders. 

 At Amentum we share a common understanding and passion to characterize and remediate contaminated sites with the best balance for society and economy, in addition to the environment.  This holistic approach embraces a several Societal Impact Categories including:  

  • Health and Safety 
  • Economic Vitality 
  • Stakeholder Collaboration 
  • Benefits Community at Large 
  • Alleviate Undesirable Community Impact 
  • Environmental and Social Justice 
  • Value of Ecosystem Services and Natural Resources Capital 
  • Risk-Based Land Management and Remedial Solutions 
  • Societal Impacts 
  • Contribution to Local and Regional Sustainability Policies and Initiatives 

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Many of our Amentum customers, including the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Navy, Army Corps of Engineers, and Air Force, have all incorporated the social dimension of sustainable remediation into their remediation frameworks by considering potential impacts on worker and community safety, stakeholder involvement, and stimulating local economy. 

 As the preferred partner for environmental remediation, Amentum continues to deliver notable outcomes in reducing our nation’s second largest liability through science and technology, environmental cleanup and enabling federal land reuse for mission and economic growth.  

 A Case Study – DOE’s Largest-ever Cleanup Effort 

 At the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Reservation, our success included the first of its kind in the world cleanup of a gaseous diffusion complex, delivered 4 years ahead of schedule, $80 million under budget, and with a $500 million cost avoidance to U.S. taxpayers.  

 UCOR’s new 10-year contract began in May 2022, and now has the company pivoting to deliver the next chapter of DOE’s cleanup vision at the Oak Ridge Reservation: reducing environmental risks by eliminating more than 150 high-hazard structures within the footprint of both the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex. This cleanup will enable potential, significant science, and security missions for those DOE clients at Oak Ridge. 

 While UCOR will continue its commitment to safety and environmental practices, it is also elevating sustainability principles into all business decisions – a natural fit with UCOR’s cleanup mission and values that have enabled economic revitalization and new recreation and historical preservation opportunities. This includes new sustainable alliances through a newly formed UCOR Sustainable Supply Chain Council to explore new avenues for sustainable partnerships on equipment, infrastructure, purchasing and recycling.  

 We are grateful for the support and involvement we enjoy from the community and are committed to collaborating with these local partners and stakeholders and being responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars by completing our projects on time and on budget. 

 Understanding the socio-cultural impacts of remedial processes and actions is essential and should be conducted during the project planning stage.  It leads to increased community involvement and facilitates negotiation and selection of remedies that are consistent with community needs.  A holistic approach to sustainability and environmental remediation is critical to cleanup success. 



 Ashley Saunders 

UCOR Chief Program & Sustainability Officer 



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