Threat Mitigation & Mission Assurance

Amentum is at the forefront of all aspects of security, from cybersecurity to airports and borders, to hazardous materials. We provide services covering the spectrum of identification, preparation, deterrence, detection, disposal, protection, response, and recovery for all hazards. We bring the resources and expertise to deliver turnkey security solutions.

Our threat-mitigation services are wide-ranging. We plan and manage base realignments and closures. We help governments detect and contain hazardous materials and revitalize contaminated sites. We manage infrastructure protection and security contracts for agencies in the U.S. and Australia. We design and integrate baggage and passenger-screening devices at airports, and perform blast analysis for selected terminal buildings. We support the Intel Community with Translation and Publicly Available Information Analysis.  In recent years, we performed security assessments and planning for the new headquarters complex of the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC.

We’re leaders in cybersecurity, providing comprehensive information assurance services, and industrial control system security engineering services.  We engage enemies on the digital battlefield through vulnerability and risk analyses, risk mitigation, tracking, and Industrial Control System training services.

We’re specialists in the safe destruction of chemical weapons, destroying over 90 percent of the nation’s chemical munitions stockpile. We’re in the process of destroying the country’s final munitions in Colorado and Kentucky. Our job will be done when the U.S. is free of chemical weapons.

We’re helping rid the Earth of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). We support the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and its partnership with Cooperative Threat Reduction program as well as the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and partner nations in their coordinated efforts to eliminate the world of WMDs and delivery systems, and enhance detection and deterrence of smuggling of WMDs and components and materials. Currently, we’re engaged in maritime- and airport/border-security projects in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Tajikistan and Tunisia, two nuclear-security projects in Kazakhstan, and a biological-threat-reduction project in South Africa.

We have the experience, passion, and purpose to effectively defend your operations from threats, both real-world and virtual.

Key services:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • EM Spectrum
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Language & Translation Services
  • Threat Reduction
  • WMD Detection/Elimination
  • Facility-Related Control Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Electronic Security Control Systems
  • Airport/Border Protection
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    Critical Infrastructure Protection
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    Intelligence Analysis
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    Language & Translation Services
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    Threat Reduction
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    WMD Detection/Elimination
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    Facility-Related Control Systems
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    Industrial Control Systems
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    Electronic Security Control Systems
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    Airport/Border Protection